Swimming pools are perfect for family gatherings or for throwing parties with your friends. The lifelong memories that come with owning a swimming can’t be beat. Another thing that comes with owning a swimming pool is keeping up with the maintenance. Pool maintenance tips aren’t hard to come by, and if you are interested in saving time just hire a professional pool service company like Premier Pool Service of College Station. Keep reading to learn pool maintenance tips from a professional service technician.

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Pool Maintenance Tips from Premier Pool Service

Proper swimming pool maintenance comes with a few tips and tricks that are easy to follow if you are paying attention. In the pool service industry, they call it the three c’s to proper pool maintenance. The service techniques that make up the three c’s are circulation, cleaning, and chemistry.


This is vital step in keeping up with your swimming pool maintenance because everyone knows that stagnant water can invite algae growth; therefore, keeping your swimming pool pump running for at least 8-10 hours a day will help with that. Another option for your pool filter is back-washing it. This reverses the flow of water in your filter to clear out the dirty water that could be tracking threw the filter system.

Pool Maintenance Tips 1Cleaning

If you are following these pool maintenance tips, then you are already in the right direction to a happy and healthy swimming pool. Next in pool service techniques that work is cleaning. You must clean your swimming pool to keep it blue and crystal clear. For the next step you’ll need a net skimmer, pool brush, pool vacuum.  

Skimming, brushing and vacuuming your swimming pool needs to become a weekly process minimum. Keeping debris out of your swimming is going to ensure that bacteria doesn’t start to in your pool water. Brushing it will keep the dirt of the walls. When you brush it off the walls, your vacuum will go around and suck up all the dirt and debris that is leftover.


On top of the weekly cleaning maintenance, make sure that your chemicals are all properly balanced. This is a simple process if you already have testing strips available. The chemicals that you are watching out for are the pH levels, total alkalinity, and sanitizer levels (aka chlorine). Your pH levels should be anywhere from 7.4 to 7.6. Total Alkalinity should be anywhere from 100 to 150 ppm (parts per million). Your sanitary levels are going to vary depending on how big your pool is because that will let you know how much chlorine you should have in your swimming pool at all times.

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Premier Pool Service of College Station has multiple different packages that you can choose from, so if you were unsure or unable to follow the pool maintenance tips provided, reach out to us today! Watch out for our special pool service sales that happen. You can contact us or visit our website at premier-poolservice.com.

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