You can place a pool on wooden deck if the installation considers a number of factors. Obviously, swimming pools are quite heavy. And lots of water will be dripped, poured and splashed on your wooden deck. Lastly, you’ll have to ensure that your wooden deck is sturdy enough to hold your pool in place.

pool on wooden deck

Things to consider when planning a pool on wooden deck:

How will you utilize the space?

You might be considering your pool deck as an extension of the pool area or for an entirely different purpose, like grilling or outdoor dining. However you use the pool on wooden deck, you should also plan to permit access to sections of your pool that need repairs or maintenance such as filters, pump, and motor. Inground pools can have different equipment and requirements to plan your design around. Your contractor will also think about the locations of any electrical or water lines are before starting the deck building.

Shade structures:

During the summer season in the Gulf Coast, it is great to get out of the pool and into a shady area to dry off and unwind. You can have pergolas built right onto your pool on wooden deck.


Rather than using a railing on the deck, think about using a privacy lattice or fence, particularly adjacent to spas.

pool on wooden deck


Pool decks are among the most costly kinds of deck you can construct. It is important to consider each cost before making your design. But you need to still have an overall budget in mind initially. Both the deck’s overall size and the materials it’s made from will be leading factors in the project’s overall cost. It is important to think about the cost of maintaining the pool on wooden deck over time and the average lifespan of different materials for building.

Storage boxes:

Pools have many accessories like towels, chemicals, cleaners and more. While it is good to have these items near your pool water, no one wants to look at them. You can address the issue by designing a built in storage box and bench adjacent to the pool. The seat will double as a lid for the storage box. This will help keep towels and pool cleaners hidden away.

How should it look?

When you’ve determined the way you want to use the pool on wooden deck as well as the overall budget, you can begin designing your project details. Deck materials are available in a variety of textures and finishes or colors. You should consider other design features like stairs and railings too. Our expert contractors will help you choose a great pattern for your deck installation. Some pool decks are laid on a diagonal while others perpendicular to or along-side the pool or house.

pool on wooden deck

Pool on Wooden Deck- Conclusion

Premier Pools & Spas is one of the top pool and deck builders in the Gulf Coast Area. Our professionals will be happy to walk you through the intricacies of designing the perfect custom pool deck. Get in touch with us to today to know the best way to get the utility, safety, and beauty, a pool on wooden deck can offer.

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