Statistically speaking, Memorial Day is the single most common day people choose to open their pool in El Dorado Hills. However, the pool opening process should have started earlier if you plan on swimming on Memorial Day. It’s also quite common, that they overlook basic steps when they begin the process that could cause problems right away or later on that swim season. Read this informative article for a pool opening checklist on how to open your pool properly this Memorial Day and get your pool up and running the right way for the upcoming swim season.

Memorial Day Pool Opening Checklist 1Ready To Open Your In ground Pool?

A pool properly kept up in Folsom during the winter months can be quickly opened for another season of swimming with a minimal amount of exertion.

Pump, hose, or remove standing water, earth, or flotsam and jetsam from the spread and deck. Remove the pool cover, plugs and attachments from all openings.

On the off chance that the water was ok toward the end of last season, proper swimming pool cover removal will guarantee that your pool opens moderately clear.


On the off chance that they were uprooted when you closed the pool, raise the underwater lights from the base of the pool and introduce them in their corners

Turn on the electric power and start the system. Check for proper operation and any leaks. In the event that you discover any issues, read your owner’s manual or contact a pool service company. If you discover any issues with your heater contact your local Premier Pool & Spa representative to properly maintain your system before you begin using it.

Test and modify the pH and aggregate alkalinity. Super chlorinate and change the PH & Alkalinity levels of the water. Run the pump 24 hours a day toward the start of the season when it might be hard to get the pool water adjusted. You can lessen the pump operating time in one-hour increments once you’ve got the water fit as a fiddle. Treat the water with an algaecide. Following a few hours of operation, test the chlorine level and change it as required. On the off chance that the chlorine level is high, don’t utilize the pool until it drops to typical levels.

pool upgradesPool Opening Checklist:

The reviving procedure starts the minute the pool is shut. By watching the pool over the winter, the pool opening checklist turns into a much simpler process. Snow or downpour can raise the water level or sink the spread. Since substantial garbage can fall in, it is ideal to uproot it instantly than holding up till the spring. Reviving the pool involves turning around the directions for shutting it. The accompanying is a convenient agenda:

Take the supplies (chemicals) out of storage and replace any that have surpassed the expiration date.

Evacuate the cover, and afterward clean it. Permit it to dry (to avoid mold) before collapsing and putting it away.

Reinstall or reassemble the pump, channel, and other evacuated things.

Reinstall stepping stools, jumping board, and other deck fittings. In the event that utilized at shutting time, the greater part of the petroleum jam used to coat uncovered metal fittings will have weathered off. Utilize a dry terry fabric towel to wipe off the rest of essential.

Remove the attachments and replace return outlet fittings.

Refilling the Pool
Convey the water level up to ordinary.

Restore circuit breakers, switches, and time clock trippers to ordinary working positions.

Restart the dissemination hardware and clean the pool.

Equalization the water chemistry and check the levels every now and again amid the initial couple of days (until they balance out).

Run the circulation system 24 hours in a row for three days or until the water has cleared totally. Contingent upon how messy the pool turned out to be over the winter, the channel must be discharged every now and again amid this period.

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