Spring is right around the corner and it’s about time to open your pool.

Good news is you’ll be swimming soon, but before you can get splashing, the proper steps must be taken too get the pool up and running to ensure the system is working correctly as well as treat the water that has been sitting stagnant all winter long.  The easiest way to open your pool for the upcoming swimming season is to call your local Premier Pools & Spas service professional.  Allowing a professional to do the heavy lifting helps ensure a proper opening and through inspection of equipment and pool conditions.

Spring is Approaching, and so is Your Pool Opening

For those who choose to do it themselves, the process of pool opening starts with removing the built up debris on the pool cover. Once the debris is cleared, detach the pool cover and place in storage.

After the cover has been disconnected, remove the winterizing plugs in your pool’s returns and skimmers.  Replace any skimmer baskets and jets that were removed during the winterizing process.  It is important to add water to the correct level in your pool if necessary, this will ensure proper suction when you prime your pump.

Next it is necessary to replace the drain plugs in all pool equipment, return filter baskets in the pool’s pumps as well as inspect and reinstall the pool’s filter cartridges if you have a cartridge filter. Make sure the filter cartridges are in good shape with no tears or cracks.  It is important that your cartridges are filtering properly to ensure good water chemistry and clarity. If you have a sand filter, be sure to keep an eye on your pressure gauge over the next few days and weeks and backwash as necessary.  If your pool has a heater you will need to remember to reinstall the pressure switch and all heater drain plugs.  In addition, be sure that the heater’s internal gas valve is in the on position and that all other gas valves from the gas tank to the heater are on.

Now it’s time to prime your pump! Add water to your pump basket and loosen the pressure gauge or filter pressure relief valve on the filter, turn the System on and let the pump prime as it releases excess air from the filter pressure gauge.  There will be bubbles returning to your pool for a few minutes. At this time it is a good idea to check for any leaks at the pool equipment pad.

Adjusting water chemistry and brushing the entire pool is the final step necessary to opening the pool. You will want to shock your pool with chlorine from a reputable pool store, remember not all chemicals are created equal.

Properly Balanced Pool Water:

  • Free Chlorine:  1 to 3 (ppm)
  • PH: 7.2 to 7.8
  • Alkalinity:  80-120 (ppm)
  • Hardness:  250-500 (ppm)
  • Stabilizer: 30-50 (ppm) is ideal though levels up to 100 are okay.

These are the basics.  We’ll go over some more in depth tips in the future, but remember, nobody is better to open your pool than a professional.  Here at Premier Pools & Spas, we have many years worth of experience in pool opening.  Contact us today if you’d like a free quote on opening your pool this year!

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