Spring has sprung and it is time for you to tone up for beach season. However, you do not need to head to the beach to enjoy yourself by the water. Think about throwing a pool party in your own yard. Provided that there is clear water, cool tunes, and hot food, you have got a party.

pool party

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While successful pool parties may occur spontaneously, they are better with a bit of planning:

Floating golf green

Fed up with hearing your colleague boast regarding his/her game of golf? Put to test his/her skills using a floating green equipped with floating balls and a tee-box. Just the thing for two or more players!

Underwater light show

When you want a poolside party that requires more swimming and lounging, use a colored LED display to illuminate the night. While you and your guests socialize, the pool is going to be a communication starter since revolving visual displays are used to light it up.

pool party

Premier Pools & Spas of San Diego

Pool poker

An inflatable table with seats while playing waterproof cards? Yes. This will be much fun for your guests.

Floating pool speaker

Can you imagine a pool without those soothing tunes? If you have an outdoor audio system that is too loud and you do not want to disturb the quiet neighborhood, consider a wireless speaker. Connect an MP3 player, computer, an iPod, or stereo and you are all set. You can also control the volume and power from the speaker itself.

Floating beer pong

Loved by college aged young adults across the globe, beer pong is also a rowdy fun time for everyone. You will attract lots of laughs and perhaps even claims of devious conduct allegations as guests on opposite sides of a color-changing float challenge each other.

Tumbling towers

As you are mixing cocktails on the deck, you can use this oversized Jenga set as an icebreaker among friends and family. To make it extra hard, you can play after everybody has had a couple of drinks and a bit of time in the swimming pool.

pool party

Premier Pools & Spas of San Diego

Light up bocce ball

As nightfall enters and the pool party begins to slow down or begins to increase in tempo, based on your crowd, you can use a light-up game of Playaboule in the backyard to wow your guests. Highly long-lasting and resistant to water, sand, and grit, this bocce ball set is going to last forever.

Mega Chill Pool Cooler

With this floating beverage cooler, your friends or family will have no good reason to ever leave the deep end of the pool. It acts like a mobile bar having cup holders and easy-grab handle. Your next refreshing drink for your guests is just a paddle away.

pool party

Premier Pools & Spas of San Diego

Pool volleyball

Possibly the commonest of aquatic sports, volleyball will bring to light the competitive side of your guests as they contend across a 24-foot net. The set is totally adjustable for all skill levels and ages and features a hot pink regulation-sized ball.

Corn hole

Kick-start your long weekend pool party with a timeless corn hole game. Points are earned when players join forces to throw beanbags into or around the hole.

Swimming is one of the activities that is enjoyed most during summer. The fun increases when you invite your family and friends to a pool party in your own yard. Which accessories will you buy for your pool?

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