While there are lots of materials to pick from, adding pool pavers around your pool in Salt Lake City will be beneficial. It will provide you and your loved ones hours of enjoyment splashing around. Pavers create a natural-looking setting for all to enjoy and also stand up to the effects of both salt-water and chlorinated swimming pools.

pool pavers

Here are reasons why you should consider pool pavers:

  • Versatile: A variety of pavers can create an array of looks to suit your pool area. You can get pool pavers in a variety of sizes, textures, colors, and shapes. This means that you can mostly create designs from scratch.
  • Slip-resistant surface: One of the important benefits of pavers is the peace of mind they are non-slip. It’s essential when doing pool installation, to understand that the first thing is your family’s safety. Pool pavers can make sure that you and your family will be safe when walking and playing around the pool.
  • Durability: To ensure the durability of your backyard, you should consider installing pool pavers. Pavers can stand up to damage, pressure, and wear, which makes them ideal for dealing with the elements.
  • Simple to repair: The beauty of pavers is that you can replace and repair them easily. Rather than removing the whole floor, it’s easy to remove and replace single pavers. Pavers are an affordable material with regards to repairs and maintenance.
  • Strength: The correct kind of paver for the pool area can be strong enough to stand up to the effects of water splashing, furniture, and foot traffic. They will stand up to the effects of salt water and chlorine as well. This will provide you with peace of mind on the rate the pavers will deteriorate.
  • Affordability: Pavers are an affordable option to other ways of covering your backyard. Not only are they affordable to install, but they also need less costly maintenance in comparison to other materials.

pool pavers

Types of pool pavers:

Pool Coping Pavers

When doing pool paving, you’ll need pool coping pavers too. The stone you use for coping should go with the pavers and blend well with your pool. The benefit of these stones is that you can match with your pavers.

Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are not often used these days but are always the best choice for slip and salt resistance. One of the major benefits of using brick pool pavers is that they do not fade or crack because of constant exposure to the sun.

Concrete Pavers

These paving materials are durable, textured or smooth and sturdy. Concrete pool pavers are created from different styles and colors. The benefit of using these materials for pool paving is that they are salt resistant when you choose the right variety.

Travertine Pavers

These will provide your pool with a natural appearance. This material is also non-slip so it’s perfect for pool paving. Because of their warm tone, a variety of patterns and colors, long-lasting capacity, and non-slip, travertine matches with any pool.

pool pavers

Know that selecting the best pool paver depends on your style, taste, and budget. You can select between durability, affordability, function, and aesthetic. You can also use pool pavers to create your own personal style. If you’re lacking ideas, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Salt Lake City to get more pool paving ideas!

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