This informative article will summarize important factors to consider when it comes to pool prices in Souderton. Prices will vary considerably, but the purpose of this article is to make sure you consider all the choices available when thinking about an inground family pool, and avoid likely fear as you’re getting the bid from a pool builder.

pool prices

As with most other purchases, pool prices vary considerably based on what the potential buyer wants. Everyone has different preferences.

A Few Factors that Affect Pool Prices Include:


What’s the best spot in your yard to build the pool? Is the site flat or does it need prior work before you even consider a pool? This will add to your pool prices.

Materials Chosen:

There are several kinds of materials to select from; some that vary a lot in cost. Some examples of choices in the area of materials chosen are the pool’s interior finish (white plaster, pebble, tile, quartz, etc.); deck material (gray concrete, stamped concrete, travertine, textured concrete); and coping material (travertine, stone, etc.).

The Pool’s Size:

This is a major consideration when it comes to pool prices. The larger the pool, the higher the costs! Your budget and outdoor space will determine the size of the pool. If you are looking to add features such as a deck, this might impact the size as well.

pool prices

Cost of Pool Maintenance:

It’s important to think about your ongoing costs of looking after the pool as long as you have that chosen pool in your Souderton backyard. You should install a filtration system that requires monitoring and clean up regularly. Make sure you balance the pH always and maintaining clean pool water. This will help assure the health and security of swimmers.

You should invest in cleaning compounds, skimmer, pool vacuum cleaner, pool cover to monitor your pool’s maintenance.

Additional Water Features:

There are many types of extras you can consider such as waterfalls, kiddie water playgrounds and much more. The extras can increase the cost of your inground pool in Souderton. But for people with money to spend, there is usually nothing far better to spend it on than a luxurious backyard pool.

It is best if you do your research when it comes to pool prices. You will find added costs for custom inground swimming pools that are included in the design and construction. It is important that you work with the best experts at Premier Pools, Souderton pool builders. Extra costs might occur if you a running water feature or a heater. No matter what your budget is, ensure that you ask your builder the right questions on fees and costs before the excavation starts.

pool prices

Pool Prices – Conclusion

Our goal is to give you reliable price details concerning the installation costs of a new custom inground pool. It should not be confusing or stressful when it comes to this part of the building process. We at Premier Pools & Spas of Souderton will help make planning a new inground pool design interesting and engaging! Contact us today for a free estimate!

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