Building a pool in your Las Vegas backyard is an important task, much like constructing your home’s basement foundation. Inground pool prices Las Vegas will depend greatly on how luxurious you want your dream pool to be. Fencing, hardscaping, decking, furniture, landscaping, and other amenities usually double the cost of a basic inground pool installation. For instance, if you want to spend $30, 000 for a mid-range swimming pool, you will probably spend almost that amount once more on additional features before the completion of your swimming pool.

pool prices Las Vegas

A pool builder plans the selected layout, heavy equipment digs out the pool hole, materials and forms make a supportive structure around the swimming pool, and installation or pouring of pool floor or walls. Electrical conduit, gas lines, and water pipes are installed together with the control systems, pool filter, and pump.

There are important factors that will affect the basic inground pool prices Las Vegas:

Location of the property

Does your home allow for the delivery of heavy equipment, or will swimming pool builders have to come with smaller and more costly manual equipment?

Gas plumbing and pool pipes

For example, the installation of water piping and probably gas lines will impact pool prices Las Vegas. Primary water lines and any features (fountain, waterfall, etc) also add to the cost.

Pool type

Residential pools are often inground fiberglass pools, concrete, vinyl-lined, or shotcrete or gunite. Each varies depending on the building complexity and costs. Your geographic location will also have an impact on the installation of each type of pool.

Distance from your home

The further the installation of the pool from access to utilities, like natural gas, electrical, and water is, the greater the cost of installing conduit, lines, and piping. The location of the pool heater, filter, and pump also affects pool prices Las Vegas.

pool prices Las Vegas

Pool shape

Prefabricated pools are cheaper and need less labor during installation. A standard sized rectangular pool will be cheaper compared to a custom “L”, kidney, or round shape.

Pool volume, or size

The bigger the swimming pool volume, the higher the installation cost. This is due to excavating a bigger hole, more support for floor and walls, water, plus more heating, stronger filter and pump requirements, and cost of chemicals.

Some tips on getting pool prices Las Vegas:

lifespan of your pool surface

Vinyl-lined pools come with a lifespan of 8 to 10 years, versus fiberglass or concrete which should last for long. The lifespan of the swimming pool also depends on the harshness of where you live. Sunny areas degrade vinyl quicker than cloudy regions.

Consider also future costs of maintaining the pool

If you reside in an area with continuous water constraints, then partly refilling the swimming pool is a costly proposition. You’ll probably need it every season since the water accumulates dissolved solids. Bigger pools will need more chemicals and water as well.

pool prices Las Vegas

Pool Prices Las Vegas – Conclusion

If you’re thinking about a new pool, how a design will work in your Las Vegas outdoor space, or want the opinion of an area expert, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Las Vegas today!

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