Keeping your pool cover clean during the winter is a must and a pool pump for your cover is going to help you do that. While it may seem easier to simply leave the pool alone and just come back in Spring and see what’s there, that is going to cost you time and it is going to cost you money. In this article, we are going to talk more about a pool pump for your cover and some features and functions you should look for.

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Pool Pump – Look for These Features

#1 – Automatic

As you are looking for a pool pump for your cover, you will see there are manual and automatic ones available. Making sure that you get an automatic one will give you a little more freedom as it will come on whenever necessary instead of you having to come out there and make sure you turn on the manual pool pump and get the cover clean.

#2 – The Weight

Make sure your pool cover can handle the weight of whatever pool pump you choose to put on it. If you are going to get a heavy duty pool pump then you want to make sure that your cover is going to hold up to the weight. The most heavy duty ones are going to be around 10 pounds so make sure you check to see the weight on the ones you are looking into buying.

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#3 – How Many Gallons Can It Pump?

If you want your pool pump to work fast, make sure to check how many gallons of water it can pump per hour. This will give you an idea. If you do go with a manual one, you do want to make sure it is fast so that you don’t have to stand outside in the cold any longer than you have to.

Taking Care of Your Pool and Pool Pump

When you make sure to take care of your pool and pool pump during the winter, your opening season is going to go much easier. If you let things set and do not take care of them throughout this time, you will find yourself with time and money costs that are higher than necessary.

When you do the work during the off season, you are going to be able to have your pool up and running faster than those people that neglected their pool during the winter. The small amounts of time that you put in will pay off in the end. When you make sure to take care of your pool pump you will also protect that investment so make sure that it is running properly throughout the winter as well.

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Having your own pool is a lot of fun but it is also a responsibility. If it is too much for you to take on, there are many kids or pool services that will be glad to help you with the upkeep throughout the winter off season.

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