One of the most essential steps in maintaining a Temecula backyard oasis is to ensure a well functioning pump and filter system. The pool pump’s work is to circulate water in the pool. It also evenly distributes chlorine or other cleanup chemicals throughout your pool. The filter helps keep debris from getting into the pump to ensure that the pool pump system never stops to run smoothly. If you don’t have an efficiently working pump and filter system it will be difficult to keep the pool clean. How does a pool pump work? A pool pump works through a small-sized motor that drives the whole unit. The pump’s motor generates suction and propels the pool water down along your pool’s main drain.

pool pump work

The pool’s main drain leads to a number of pipes that ultimately leads to the filter. As the pool water goes through the filter, leaving particles and debris behind, a jet situated underwater guides it back into the pool.

The flow of pool water

Pool water should flow via a filtering system to get rid of debris and dirt. In the pool, the water is drawn via the main drain, the vacuum port, and the skimmer. Skimmers pick up and skim pool water on the pool’s surface by propelling the water and blocking out the biggest particles in the strainer basket. This permits a uniform chemical treatment and an evenly heated pool.

Later on, it’s sent through the pool pump, the filter, heater, and then taken back into the swimming pool via the return fittings. You should add an extra pump for jets and waterfalls.

Single-speed pumps

These do basically one thing; they pump the water in your pool through the system at a slow speed. Single-speed pumps are usually very affordable to buy and install, but very costly to run. They are most effective in basic pool uses without water features. They also do great work turning the water over, offering flow for pool equipment to operate well.

pool pump work

Two-speed pumps

These are more energy-efficient in comparison to single-speed types and are effective on swimming pools with water features. Two-speed Pumps operate at 2 fixed speeds, low and high. They also need a separate gadget like an automation system to regulate between the two speeds. The energy you use will reduce when you slow the pump down to a speed that’s low. You can save you up to 80 percent on your pool’s energy bill by switching your single-speed, to a two-speed pump.

Variable-speed pump

This pump offers the pool owner savings. With this pump, the pool owner can select the speed that they want to use. A variable-speed pool pump can minimize electrical bills in comparison to single-speed model. If you want a pump, which can help you save but is efficient, this type is the best option.

pool pump work

Pool Pump Work – Conclusion

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