Is it time to upgrade your Maryland swimming pool? Premier Pools & Spas of Potomac is ready to tackle the project has you decide your backyard oasis needs a little TLC. Read more for many inspirational options on how to proceed with the remodeling of your swimming pool.

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Maryland Pool Remodel Options


One pool remodeling feature that is popular in Maryland and would considerably enhance the visual effects of your swimming pool is the addition of fiber optic and color LED pool lights. This latest backyard night lighting trend is popular in landscapes and pools across the globe. LED pool lights and color fiber optic can be embedded right into the wall or floor of a spa or swimming pool, enabling your swimming pool to glow in a variety of neon colors. Installing LED lights or fiber optics in your pool remodel will transform your nightlife.


Transforming the look of your swimming pool is another option available to you here with Premier Pools & Spas of Potomac. Whether you are ready to add an attached spa, or the pool is beginning to look worn out, we can work with you to remodel your swimming pool and ensure that you get a pool that fits your needs and style. With tiles in all colors, sizes, and shapes, you are sure to find a design that suits your needs. Once you choose the best tile, we will personally replace the worn-out with the new to give you an updated backyard oasis.

Deck resurfacing

Only a handful of decks are made equal, and some might cause hassles and headaches for you and your loved ones. Pebbled concrete loses texture at some point, while concrete slabs can chip, shift and crack. Also, ceramic tiles may be slippery when wet, you may even want to change up the whole look of your deck. Our deck renovating experts will work with you to get the deck that best suits your preferences.

Water features

Planning to upgrade your swimming pool to something a bit more classy and fun? Various enjoyable water features can be offered to create and tie together your backyard oasis. Here are some of many water features that you can add to your swimming pool:

Slides-Just like at the park, your kids can slide down a slide right into your swimming pool! There are multiple ways we can incorporate a slide into your swimming pool design.

Grotto -A grotto, for those of you who don’t know, is a tall rock wall on the out side, but a massive indoor cave once you swim inside. Most grotto’s are hidden with a waterfall at the entrance and have a large space inside to lounge or sit.

Lazy River– Premier Pools & Spas of Potomac is able to create a world of fun for you and your family, by remodeling your swimming pool. We can upgrade the layout of your swimming pool to have a wrap around lazy river! Who knew! A lazy river is remote controlled so the pressured water doesn’t have to be consistently flowing. Although, grab a tube and you’ll be floating around in no time!

Waterfalls – Waterfalls are a great relaxing addition to the swimming pool. You can have a lot of little waterfalls or one giant one. The soothing sound of the water cascading over the rocks into the pool is marvelous. Not only do waterfalls sound great they also have an elegant look to them.

pool designsAttach a Spa!

Imagine returning home from a tough day at the office and dipping into your spa that is equipped with therapeutic jets massaging all your stress away. We can install an in-ground spa that is attached to your inground swimming pool during this Maryland pool remodel.

Outdoor kitchen

Don’t forget about adding your outdoor kitchen during this new  pool remodeling stage. Their are outstanding outdoor kitchens that will flow with the design of your new swimming pool. Our pool experts Premier Pools & Spas of Potomac are getting into the outdoor-kitchen and barbecue business. They can design you an outdoor kitchen that will look entirely how you want it to.

Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Potomac today to get a free quote on your backyard! Don’t have a swimming pool? Call us anyway! We can get you a free estimate and get your pool building process started in no time!

Pool remodel ideas for bringing your pool back to life

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