Enjoying a day in your pool with family and friends is a popular summer activity. Everyone can have a great time and stay safe if you take into consideration some pool safety steps. If you have a backyard pool, you should take measures to guarantee the safety of swimmers, especially kids, in and around your pool.


Clean your pool regularly

You should check the cleanliness of your pool regularly. Make sure the chemical levels are well-maintained, and the water clear and clean. In addition, pool safety means having your water tested on a regular basis to help prevent allergies, rashes, or more serious skin conditions.

pool safety

Get a pool cover

Most pool owners invest in a cover either to protect it from unwanted debris, or to keep it heated. However, some pool covers will protect kids from the risks a pool can pose? We recommend you get a pool cover that won’t retain water on the top side, even when you stand on it.

Accompany kids when swimming

When kids are using the pool, make sure you have an adult or two to keep an eye on them. They need to be near to help prevent unfortunate incidents. Also, ensure that everyone in the family can swim. Enrolling them in swim lessons is a great idea. Life vests are also very helpful when it comes to pool safety.

pool safety

Pool safety fence

You can create a physical boundary by installing a fence. The only way this works, though, is if your kids don’t know how to open it. Make sure the gate is always locked when you cannot be near your pool. Also, consider installing an alarm on your fence so you are notified if anyone opens the gate.

It is important that you create the rules of the pool. You can go as far as posting rules around your backyard! Be strict, it’s OK. Safety is crucial to an enjoyable swimming experience.

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