Pool safety isn’t just for two-legged people, it is also for our furry friends. We want to make sure that our dogs are safe around the pool as well as ourselves and our kids. In this article, we are going to go over some tips that will make sure that you are able to keep your dog on point with pool safety.

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Training Your Dog On Pool Safety

While you may think that your dog will be just fine because of course, they are able to doggy paddle. While they can doggy paddle, there are still other things to think about. Dogs are amazingly loyal and fun to lay with but they don’t have the foresight to understand what could happen in different situations.

If your dog doesn’t understand how to get out of the pool because they aren’t used to a ladder they could actually get stuck trying to get on the ladder and actually drown because they aren’t able to make it. This is why it is important for you to stay with your dog and make sure they understand how to get in and out of the pool without getting frustrated or panicked.

You can show your dog where they are supposed to go and where they should not go. If your dog is not a strong swimmer because they are older or possibly have been injured then you should make sure to keep an extra close on him or her, but you also want to make sure they know their limits through proper training.

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Watch Out for the Heat – Pool Safety

The heat can get a little crazy whenever you are out in the pool and you may not think about it with your dog but they can get overheated just like a human. With all of the fur on most dogs, it can be easy for them to get overheated.  Besides for heat exhaustion, they could also hurt their feet on the concrete or other surfaces so make sure you are keeping an eye on them.

If your dog is overweight, swimming is a good way to get some weight off on them, but you still need to make sure that your dog is not overdoing it.

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Pool Safety for Your Dog Conclusion

Instead of just hoping that your dog is going to do well with pool safety, you can also take them to special dog swimming lessons to make sure that they are up to par on their swimming technique. Dogs do drown and being able to have all of the help to keep that from happening is important.

You want to have fun in your swimming pool and part of that fun is your dog so make sure that they are safe. Your dog loves the water and loves having fun times with the family and friends, but you are the one that knows what your dog’s limits are going to be. Make sure they don’t overdo it.