Backyard swimming pools are an endless way to get amusement, fun, and laughter for the entire family which includes pets. If you are a pet owner and you are considering installing a swimming pool or has one installed, this post has some safety tips on keeping your whole family and even wild animals safe.


Most pets are fascinated by swimming pools. Dogs that like to retrieve exciting buoyant objects as well as cats that love to sneak a quick drink while their owner is not close by. So, what can you do to ensure the safety of your pet? Supervise! Nothing takes the place of the safety of an adult’s watchful eyes.

Below are some cool pool safety tips for your family and pet:

1. Securely fenced area

While most pool fencing requirements are governed by regulations, it is recommended that you inspect if your fencing is pet proof.


 2. Cover any gaps

If you are introducing a new pet, puppy or kitten to your backyard, ensure they cannot squeeze between any spaces or gaps. It is best if you use Perspex, rigid plastic or glass to cover the bottom part of the pool fence.

  • Inspect frequently around the pool for holes and tunnels that your pet might have dug and have them covered.
  • Do not leave tables or chairs close to the pool, which can be used by pets as a launching pad to leap over the fence.
  • Electrical leads and chemicals. Inspect that electrical leads are beyond reach from a chewing pup and all pool chemicals are stashed securely from your pet’s reach.


 3. Pool netting/ cover

A safety cover is one thing that every pet owner must have, particularly if your pool is not separately fenced in. Pool safety covers come in both solid and mesh material. You should not use floating devices or pool toys in the pool, since this might entice your pet to jump in and play when nobody is around.

  4. Stairs and ramps

If you are installing or constructing a new pool, consider a ramp or a set of stairs that will give a non-slip exit for your pet. Pets may be trained to use a set of graduated steps. A pet that is not trained is more likely to head to the nearest edge and attempt to claw their way out, their state of anxiety may quickly result in exhaustion. Therefore, an introduction to an exit point or shallow area is a great idea for pets that love to take a swim

Even if your dog is a good swimmer, do not assume that if he/she falls into the pool that they will be alright. They might be unable to climb out and might end up treading water until they are tired.


5. Alarms

This safety tip is available in different styles. Like a unit that may be connected to a pet’s collar. In case the pet infiltrates your pool area and by accident, an alarm sounds at a base station in the house.

 6. Dog Life Vests

In case your pet falls into the pool, the life jacket can prevent your dog from exhausting easily. Additionally, it is a good way for a dog to get some water exercise, without concern for your pet.

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