When looking forward to changing your backyard with dramatic impact, choosing the right pool shape makes the difference. You can opt for geometric pools or go with a freeform style depending on your preferences. Before making a selection, you must hire a trustworthy pool builder to help with the logistics and other factors. Once the crucial decisions are made, it’s time to select an ideal pool shape that will add luxury to your backyard oasis. The options are:

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Geometric Pool Shape

Due to their sharp lines and clean looks, geometric pools can be built in any specific shape such as square, rectangle, or oval. They are ideal for homeowners who seek contemporary style in their backyard. A geometric pool is an eye-catcher and a perfect addition to a modern home.

With extra features like spillways, fountains, waterfalls, and vanishing edges that resemble an infinity pool, it is the best thing you can do for your home. Typically, it is easy to build geometric pools and often times, cost-effective too. It can easily allow symmetrically layered entries to add a dramatic appeal to your swimming pool.

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Freeform Pool Shape

When you don’t want to restrict your pool to a well-defined shape, opt for a freeform pool. It has no set shapes to follow. Depending on the size and character of your space, you can choose an appropriate freeform shape. It provides a lagoon style when enhanced with lush landscaping in your backyard.

Freeform shape is an outlaw of the back as it knows no bounds. The shape can flow through the surrounding to create any imaginative design. A freeform pool works best for small spaces due to ample customization options. Even a small yard appears to be larger with this pool type.

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Kidney-Shaped Pools

Without any sharp corners or angles, kidney-shaped pools can be integrated into any contemporary backyard. It is a safer option due to lack of sharp edges. Also, the ends of a kidney-shaped pool are shallow and clearly marked. Hence, they are an ideal choice for families having young children.

Rectangular Pool Shape

Rectangular pools are traditional and classic in their appeal. If you want a swimming pool to enjoy the laps or your cardio exercises, look no further than a rectangular pool. It looks best in a geometric landscape and can fit even a small backyard space.

L-shaped pool is another variation of rectangular shape. It is a twist on the traditional design. You can use L-shaped pools for diving purposes and also, to put up young swimmers.

Oval Pool Shape

Whether you choose oval or round shape for your pool, it adds a soft and simple look to your backyard. These pools are ideal for families who love to play by the poolside. The round or oval shape is easy to settle field boundaries, slides, or nets as well.

Whatever is your choice of pool shape, it is always better to seek professional guidance. The in-house designer of pool contractors can help you choose the best geometric pools, freeform pool, or any other shape that fits your budget and style.

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