When it comes to the issue of pool shock, the biggest question is, “How often should I shock my pool?” When you live in Maine, you are going to experience different weather than other parts of the country so it is smart that you are looking for specific information on your state. In this article, we are going to talk more about pool shock and how you can best maintain your pool.

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Pool Shock – It’s Your Friend When You Do It Right

While you may find it annoying to have to do pool shock, you should be grateful there is something that can help you set your pool back on the right path. Without a proper pool shock, you may find yourself swimming in a less than desirable environment.

Since pool shock means that you have to get out of the pool and wait for it to clean up, you may want to keep it to as few times as possible. When you shock your pool, you are going to have to wait until the chlorine levels drop to 3-4 ppm and that can be hours off your pool usage.

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What is Pool Shock?

It is helpful to know what pool shock is before you get started. Pool shock is either non-chlorine or chlorine chemicals that are added to your pool in order to destroy any contaminants in the water. Your goal is to raise the free chlorine levels so that it destroys any algae or bacteria that is growing in the pool. Pretty simple, right?

Here’s the good news. If you take proper care of your pool and are working on it regularly, you may not need to do a pool shock. Taking the time out to do proper pool maintenance will save you time and annoyance in the long run. This why you need to make sure that you take the time and the people that do are the happier for it.

Now, that is not to say that you did not take good care of your pool if you have to shock your pool. If you have had heavy rainfall or if you have had heavy pool usage or even a water change, this is a time that pool shock is going to be your friend.

It is important that you check your water so you know what the chemical levels are as this is going to help you keep your pool behaving well.

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Now that you know what pool shock is, how it can help you and when you should do it, you can operate your pool with more wisdom and confidence. Even though you know this information, I have to say that you may be confused about some other elements of your pool. If you need any help, don’t feel shy to reach out to a pool expert that can help you move forward in your pool maintenance and enjoyment knowledge. You are likely to find out something that will make your life as a pool owner much easier.