Pools are the quintessential element of fun and enjoyment for a family. When putting together with pool slides, it can turn your backyard into the playground for the kids. It will reduce the trips to the water parks while you can enjoy refreshing summers in the comfort of your home. Here are the types of slides for your inground pool.

Water Slides

Straight Leg Pool Slide

A slide that’s straight at the top with a curved bottom is the straight leg pool slide. It has an open or closed stairway to make your access easy and spacious. This type of slide can be used by your entire family. They come with stairways that work as a ladder. You can choose the height of the slide depending on your requirements. A straight leg pool slide is perfect for smaller swimming pools due to their simple design and shape.

Molded Leg Slide

Pool slides with curvy and steep designs are molded leg slides. Usually, these slides curve to the right or left near your pool. It makes the splash exhilarating. Here again, you can choose the size of stairways depending on the layout of your slide and pool area. Typically, a molded leg slide maybe 8-10 feet tall. If you have small kids around, choose the slide that comes with closed stairways. It prevents fall accidents even if kids climb unsupervised.

Stream or G-force Pattern Slide

Also called elephant leg slide, it is a unique design perfect for larger swimming pools. You can either choose a stream model or go for the G-force pattern for more fun in your backyard. While the G-force model has a curvy design, stream models are somewhat similar to molded leg slides. But, they have a steep drop at the top of the slide. Usually, these slides stand tall at around 13-14 feet. So, they are more apt for backyards having ample space.

How to Choose the Best Type of Pool Slide?

Before you spend your money on a pool slide, you should make sure it will suit your requirements. Not only the slide should fit your pool but it must also ensure safety and comfort for the kids. Here are the things to consider when choosing the perfect pool slides for your inground pool.

Consider Space Requirements

When looking for a pool slide, determine the footprint of this feature around your pool. If the slide is curvy, it may need more space around the swimming pool. Hence, it is better to measure the space before you go through specific shapes and sizes of the slide.

Temecula pool slides

Consider the Pool Depth

Remember the common thumb rule that you need a deeper pool if you intend to buy a taller pool slide. When you want to install the slide at the deep end, it ensures the safety of people using it. In general, you should have minimum 3 feet of water level under the mouth of the slide. To make a final decision, you should better consult with your local pool professional.

You should also consider the factors like slide materials and maintenance requirements before buying the pool slides.

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