custom pool tiles Whether you’re building a new pool or revamping an existing one, pool tile can take your swimming pool from drab to dynamite. Pool tiles can change the visual aesthetics of your whole backyard since they are the most prominently visible surfaces of your pool.

Before you choose a tile type, learn about the two main kinds of pool tile installation.

Inlay Pool Tile vs. Waterline Tile

If you have a fiberglass pool, tile is more of a choice, not a must-have. For concrete and vinyl swimming pools, tile will is required due to the construction process.

Fiberglass pool shells are factory-made, and hence, tile will be built into it. These are called inlaid pool tiles. Incorporating them after the pool gets installed in your backyard can be a bit difficult. If future repairs are needed, you should drain the water from the pool to fix the issue.

Waterline tiles, on the other hand, use a silicone adhesive to stick to the pool’s walls. They come in 6-inch strips that run along the pool perimeter. This type of pool tile is easy to repair and replace, as you don’t have to empty the pool.

pool tiles on spa

Pool Tile Options: What to Choose?

Ceramic Pool Tiles

Ceramic pool tiles come in unique shapes, designs, and patterns that can add a whimsical charm to your outdoor oasis. Available in many shades of blue, green, and turquoise, they gently elevate the beauty of the water and offer continuity.

Pool ceramic tiles are exclusively designed for wet areas. They require epoxy grout to be installed. Only experienced pool builders should be allowed to install ceramic pool tiles.

Glass Pool Tiles

Glass adds a touch of class to any space, and it comes in a wide range of colors and designs. Glass pool tiles also withstand harsh pool chemicals and are long-lasting.

You can even install glass pool tiles on the pool floor and give an illusion of depth. When sunlight gleams on the water, glass pool tiles sparkle from underneath, creating a magical appearance.

Porcelain Pool Tiles

Porcelain Tiles are a popular choice, as they require minimal upkeep. With just some basic cleaning, they recover their lost shine. Porcelain is also soft to touch, making it a good choice for spas.

Porcelain pool tile ranges in style from a natural stone look to jewel-like designs which can create rustic to elaborate settings. Combine brightly-colored tile with rustic wood, stone, and terra cotta accents to create a fantastic Mediterranean paradise.

Mosaic Pool Tiles

Use stone and glass mosaic tiles to create unique patterns that allow the pool areas to transition into the rest of the outdoors. Mosaic tiles are also great for retaining walls, pool floors, and decks, as they seamlessly connect the overall design.

Pick travertine stone and other elements to create beautiful murals, such as turtles along the tanning ledge or the beach entrance, to make a style statement. Choose iridescent mosaics to get the feel of a high-end resort.

Stone-Like Pool Tiles

Stone can provide a natural pond look to your pool. It is slip-resistant, which makes it safe even for a pool deck.

Natural stone is porous, so you may want to keep it away from the pool’s interior. Incorporate stone-like and marble-like tiles to take its place. Or you may use sandstones, limestones, or granite, adequately primed and sealed for the pool areas.

Choose the Best Pool Tiles to Make Your Summer a Blast

Whether you want to go with a low-key, all-natural, sleek, or a pop of color in your backyard, pool tiles will help create the perfect atmosphere. Choose the best pool tiles today by speaking to expert pool builders. Connect with Premier Pools & Spas now!

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