The swimming pool designs in LA are evolving with new trends. A luxury pool is no less than a necessity for modern homes. It is a stylish home feature and a place to relax when you have time off. Since your pool gives you all the comfort, make it more refreshing and elegant with the latest design trends. Here, they are:

Pool Trends: Swimming Pool Designs in LA 1

Dark Interior Finish

If you want to create a lagoon-type feel in your swimming pool, go for this trend. It combines dark finish in the swimming pool with a natural waterfall and rock feature. While white and blue are the classic options, adding dark pool tiles can give a cutting-edge style to your backyard.

A dark pool creates a natural vibe that looks similar to the ocean or a lagoon. It is not only fascinating but also attracts and retains heat. As a result, it lowers the pool heating costs over time.

Swim-Up Bar

Apart from swimming, pools can also be used for socializing and lounging. When you want to relax in your pool, nothing can be more soothing than a swim-up bar. It will more likely become a popular pool feature in 2019.

You can also install a low-level outdoor kitchen next to your pool. With a part countertop and part pool ledge, it serves as a perfect place where you can serve your guests with food and drinks.

backyard water features

Photography by Stephen K. Wolfe

Water and Fire Features

With the latest swimming pool designs in LA, you can turn your backyard into an oasis. All you need to install are some amazing water and fire features. You can add a pool waterfall, a tabletop fountain, and rock grottos to your pool for added impact.

To add more pizzazz to your backyard, consider a fire pit or a fireplace where you can gather with your family and enjoy quality time together.

Smaller Pool with Spa

If you own a townhouse or a small backyard, you can add a smaller pool with spa to your home. A spool is an excellent alternative for smaller places. It is an above-ground pool with in-built spa feature.

Shallow-Depth Pools

A long and rectangular pool with a single depth is perfect for your evening swimming laps. It is a minimal and simplistic pool design that merges well with the modern architectures. Since there is a lack variety under the water, a shallow depth pool has a sleek appearance. Also, it has a low cost of construction and maintenance. So, if your home is fit for it, consider building a shallow depth pool in your backyard.

pool renovations

Photo courtesy of Pamela Self Landscape Architecture, Ltd.

Patios and Pergolas

The outdoor living is growing as an urban trend. If you also want to make the most of your backyard space, consider adding a patio or pergola alongside the pool. It not only adds a luxurious appeal to your backyard but also serves as a functional space. A covered patio adds the bit of shade that you need on the hot summer days after taking a dip in the pool.

Follow these trends of swimming pool designs in LA to create your own luxury retreat.