Your best friend loves the pool, but what are the best pool types for your dog? Let’s face it, your dog is most likely going to use the pool more than you are, so why not just let them pick it themselves. Trust me, if they could talk, they would totally take over the planning and select the best pool types for dog playtime fun!

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What to Think About With Pool Types and Pups

When you have a pet to bring into the equation you need to think a little more about the lining of the pool. Let’s go ahead and say that a liner made of vinyl is out of the question. This liner would be too prone to rips and tears so you would hardly have time to have fun because you’d be worrying about the lining of the pool.

Since you can’t have a vinyl lining, what are your other options? You’ve got about 0% chance of your dog damaging the pool if you have a fiberglass or concrete pool. Those surfaces can pretty much take anything a pup or human can throw at it.

You should also think about the steps to get into the pool. If you just have a ladder down into the pool that could be problematic for the pup. This is especially true during the exit or if they are not too sure of the water, to begin with. Making things easy for your dog so they can enjoy the swimming process is important. Having a good set of steps will help your dog but it wouldn’t hurt for you or the other humans either.

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What About Chemicals and Filters for Different Pool Types?

If your dog is going to be swimming a lot, you may be a little nervous about the chemicals that are in the pool. Don’t worry because there are great options for your pool needs.¬† One of the best options we’ve seen is salt chlorine generators. They produce¬†a low level of natural chlorine so you aren’t going to see any harmful side effects for you or for your dog. It is even easy on your skin if you are worried about messing with your beautiful complexion or your pet’s skin.

While your dog might be hairier than most humans that you know, your pet is not going to hurt your filter system. If anything, you may have to clean it out more, but you won’t see any longterm effects that hurt your pool.

Pool Time With Your Pup

Once you’ve found one of the perfect pool types for you, you will find yourself making your way to the pool more and more often. It will be a great time and your pet will thank you for keeping them nice and cool all throughout the summer. The time you spend in the pool is great for bonding and you will see that your dog absolutely loves it!

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