If you’re struggling to keep your chemical levels in balance, or your pool clean, something as basic as water circulation may be the issue. Pool water circulation is a crucial aspect of pool building and maintenance, which is usually ignored.

Pool water circulation

When done in the right way, it will help to keep pool water in chemical balance, cool and clean. When it is not done properly, you might have trouble with some or all of these problems regularly. Thus wasting money and time trying to fix an issue. Get the best Roseville Pool Service professionals to help with your pool water circulation.

Some of the advantages of having great pool water circulation include:

Save you time and money – less pool maintenance time means a longer time to enjoy it. Furthermore, you’ll spend less on chemicals to keep the swimming pool clean.

Lower temperatures – Every time your pool water circulates as it should, cooler water is pumped into the swimming pool, thus fresh and cool pool water temperatures.

Easier keeping the swimming pool clean – Water that’s circulating properly pushes sediments, oils, dirt and sediments to strainers and skimmers where the pool water can be thoroughly cleaned.

How you can improve your pool’s circulation

It is great practice to position your return jet in a direction that will spin your pool water, hence, circulate.

If your swimming pool only has one jet, you should point the jet to the opposite side of the skimmer and downwards. It will circulate the pool water as well as mix the water on your pool’s bottom to the surface.

Pool water circulation


Brushing plays a big role when it comes to pool circulation. Every swimming pool will have some dead areas, so practicing good pool water circulation includes brushing your swimming pool as well.

Brushing dead spots and other parts of your swimming pool will help to break up debris or microbes, such as algae. It usually gets these inhabits into the pool water, rather than clinging to other pool parts. This is to ensure that your filter will have a chance to filter them out.

Dead areas

These are spots in your swimming pool that have poor water circulation. Some popular areas include:

  • Beneath the skimmer(s)
  • In and around swimming pool steps
  • Behind the ladder(s)
  • All crevasses, creases, cracks

Sometimes it’s difficult to avoid these dead areas. It’s best if you point your return jets to enhance these spots; however, you might just need to deal with these spots manually. This is why you should always have a pool brush readily accessible.

Pool water circulation

Do you suspect issues with your pool water circulation?

If you think the temperatures in your swimming pool are higher than they need to be during warmer months, or if you pool usually holds more debris and dirt than you would like, contact Roseville Pool Service professionals today for a pool maintenance visit.

Problems such as these might be associated with just having water flow features that are poorly designed, or failing or faulty equipment like pool pumps. Our expert pool technicians can help diagnose the issue and provide you with a solution, which will have your swimming pool in great shape in no time!

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