Pool water conservation is one of the key things to do as a pool owner. Are you worried about the quantity of water getting wasted in your pool? While most people are able to conserve water during their everyday activities, such as taking shorter showers and turning the faucet off while brushing their teeth, the notion of pool water conservation is still unclear for some.

Pool Water Conservation

Most tips for conserving pool water are often based on minimizing and preventing evaporation. Furthermore, some easy repairs, such as replacing or fixing a leaking pipe, can play a role in your efforts of water conservation.

Here are some pool water conservation tips while looking after your pool:

Cover your pool

It is important to invest in a good pool cover to ensure pool water conservation. There are lots of different kinds of pool covers that fit every budget. Pool cover alternatives you can use include shade structures and pool floats. Covers not only keep pool water from escaping but help to keep debris building up in your swimming pool. Pool covers also make a good swimming pool safety feature for a family swimming pool averting accidental falls.

Attend to cracks and leaks

If you have cracks in the swimming pool, it will leak water. Furthermore, if you have leaky valves and pipes, your swimming pool leaks as well.

You want to check out your pool as well as your equipment pad frequently for cracks. Our professionals will help stop the issue before it gets uncontrollable. Please don’t hesitate to contact Premier Pool Service of Dallas if you need help with anything pool related.

Pool Water Conservation

Minimize splashing

In the long run, you want the water in the swimming pool, not outside of the pool, but you do not want to do it and spoil your summer fun. You should take swimming time as a good opportunity to explain to children why it’s best to conserve water. The best Dallas Pool Service professionals recommend that you should keep pool features such as fountains and waterfalls turned off when not being used to reduce the volume of water, which evaporates due to wind.

Maintaining the pool filter

When your filtration system is dirty, you should backwash it to clean it. The method of backwashing wastes lots of pool chemicals and water.

Keep your pool filter clean through the right filter maintenance to avoid the need to backwash. Not only will you conserve water, but you will have crystal clear pool water.

Maintaining your pool’s water level

Keep an eye on the water level and if you should top it up, monitor it. You do not want to overlook it and overfill the swimming pool and waste any additional pool water. If you regularly use your pool, keep the level of water a bit lower than usual to minimize the volume of water lost when too much splashing takes place.

Pool Water Conservation

Ready For Your Own Pool?

A little bit of smart pool design will help you conserve water in another way. You can use privacy barriers, shrubs and fences as a strategy to prevent wind contact with the swimming pool. Furthermore, look at your power bills frequently, since any big spike can be an sign of an evaporation or leak problem. Do you want to know more about pool water conservation methods, or any of our other pool services? Talk to the professionals at Dallas Pool Service TODAY!

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