Installing pool water features will add an amazing touch to any preferred aesthetic. Apart from its evident contributions to the appeal of your backyard space in South Florida, practical considerations make water features more appealing for any outdoor space. With a lot of customization choices and many options, you can install these features even in circumstances, which might appear unworkable at first glimpse.

pool water features

Pool Water Features

Here are some features that we design and install in and around pools:

  • Sheer Descents
  • Rain curtains
  • Spillways
  • Scuppers
  • Deck jets
  • Gushers
  • Waterfalls
  • Fountains

Sheer Descents:

You can add these features along a pool’s edge. Sheer descent creates a transparent curtain of water, which often splashes into your pool. This kind of waterfall features a more formal look in comparison to a rock waterfall. It will also add a touch of stylishness to any backyard surroundings.


You can choose to place these pool water features outside or inside of your pool. Fountains come in lots of styles, sizes, and shapes. Solar-powered types do not need any electricity and are an affordable way to incorporate another water feature to a pool.


These are a popular feature for just about every geometric pool design. The look of these pool water features will vary from amazingly simple to elaborate and complex. Most pool owners will prefer to add scuppers:

  • Along walls which that border a pool
  • Along a raised spa (the spa is often attached)
  • Within planter boxes

pool water features

 Fountain Bubblers or Gushers:

Set in the middle of benches, steps, hot tubs, edges, or pools, gushers churn up water in a vertical projection. These are common on ledges and sun shelves, and especially with kids.

Spray Nozzles:

If you want to incorporate pool water features then these are a perfect option as well. You can conceal the nozzles in shrubs or planters to shoot water into your pool. These water features can also be installed inside your pool to create a bubbling effect, or to shoot streams of water in the air.

Rock Waterfall:

You can place this water feature adjacent to and have its own source of water. Another option is to position this feature inside your pool so that it makes use of the pool water.

Laminar Jets:

Laminar jets are simple, elegant single arcs of water that come out from the sides of a pool into the pool. To be effective, these pool water features should be placed properly to create the right aim and arc.

When you work with us to construct a new pool or are just seeking to add some thrill to your outdoor space with new pool water features, we are the team for the task. Having installed thousands of custom swimming pools to date, we understand how to work with your budget, your space, and your ideas, to create the best backyard oasis.

pool water features

Want More Info on Pool Water Features?

Whether it is a series of fountains or waterfalls for your pool and spa combo, Premier Pools & Spas of South Florida can provide you with the best pool water features to enhance the sounds and sights of your backyard oasis. Contact us today! We’ll gladly talk over your pool project with you.

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