Pool Water Features for Every Size and Style

Swimming pool water features are a great way to enhance the appearance and functionality of your pool. Typically, pool water features comprise only 10-15% of the total construction costs, yet add tremendous value to your pool.

Some pool water features are used specifically for their elegance and drama. Other pool water features add a level of fun for kids or even pets! There’s nothing like playing in a bubbling fountain on a scorching summer afternoon.

The pool water features you can choose to enhance your pool are limited only by your imagination. A wide array of materials, such as rock, are available to build the features you envision. Below are some common pool water features that may spark additional ideas.

Swimming Pool Water Features – Waterfalls

pool water feature - waterfallWaterfalls add a soothing presence to your pool. Even a modest waterfall can enhance your experience and create a special ambiance, offering a relaxing and rejuvenating effect to your pool’s environment.

There are additional advantages to having a waterfall feature. Waterfalls keep water moving throughout your swimming pool, which helps keep your water clean.

Rock Waterfalls

Pool water features that utilize rock are commonly incorporated in tropical-themed or lagoon-style swimming pools.

Rock is available in various colors, shapes. and sizes and can be customized depending on your taste and preferences.

For areas where obtaining rock is a challenge, artificial rock can also be considered. Constructed to look exactly like the real thing, artificial rock for waterfalls is impact-resistant, suitable for water contact, and can be created in a variety of dimensions.

Sheer Descents

Awesome Pool Water Features 1Another waterfall option is sheer descent or water curtain. A sheer descent is unique in that waterfalls into the pool, tapering off as it hits the waterline.

Sheer descents look like a sheet of falling water. This gives a sleek, glass-like aesthetic.

Additionally, sheer descents do not produce as much noise as a traditional waterfall, adding an increased level of tranquility while you’re enjoying your poolside libation.


As a pool water feature, fountains add opulence and can make any pool design appear luxurious. From simple to complex, fountains are perfect for both big and small pools.

Pool fountains don’t have to be masterpiece sculptures. A simple water spray can be just as beautiful to watch. The addition of lights gives your pool a beautiful and serene appearance on warm summer nights.

Most of the pool fountains on the market are powered by the pool’s own circulation system. There are two basic types of pool fountains: one attaches to the side of the pool; the other floats.


scupper pool water featureA scupper is a small pool water feature comprised of small slots or openings that channel water back into the pool.

Scuppers are made from a variety of materials, so you can match your backyard decor. Copper, stainless steel, bronze, or stone are some of the materials available.

Scuppers enable water to flow into the pool and recirculate again. These are easy to maintain and offer a soothing sound of flowing water.

Bubblers and Deck Jets

Deck jets are a simple yet effective water feature design. The process begins by installing jets around your pool. These jets shoot out water that forms an arc shape from the ground to your pool.

You can choose the number of jets and their positioning. Deck jets are ideal for relaxing on a hot day without entering the pool. It is also a fun spot for kids when full pool entry is not on the day’s agenda.

This pool water feature is most often found in the shallow end of swimming pools or in spas. You can also add colorful lighting for a spirited atmosphere during evening entertaining.

No matter which pool water features you desire, Premier Pools & Spas can make it happen. For more information on pool water features, check out our pool water features photo gallery, or contact us today for a free quote on your dream swimming pool.

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