If you want to enhance your landscape in South Florida, you can consider adding a pool waterfall into your backyard space. Not only will this backyard paradise provide a space to unwind and ease the stress of the day, but it will also offer a tranquil and calm ambiance. The sounds of the pool waterfall will also help to minimize the white noise of outside surroundings, such as neighbors, planes, and traffic.

pool waterfall

If you want a pool waterfall then you have a range of styles to select from. This is because there are new creative ideas are coming up. They will help you incorporate a feature in any outdoor space to create a unique point of interest. If you are in search of something unique and wish to create a magnificent impact then think about having a waterfall design. This let water to cascade down over rocks into the pool.

Pool Waterfall Ideas to Consider:

Modern Pool Waterfall

Often, in rectangular or square designs, modern pools are a preferred option among homeowners. In many cases, you’ll see these swimming pools matched with an evenly squared spa or hot tub. You can put the hot tub at a raised ground, and provide for a spillover waterfall. If you don’t have a hot tub, do not worry, there are lots of other pool waterfall ideas for contemporary outdoor living spaces.

pool waterfall

For example, you can consider adding a waterfall by allowing the water to flow out of a detached structure. You can create these structures from anything, such as stone or steel. Also, you can use bowl-shaped, stone structures for pool waterfall to cascade from. This is a great choice for pool owners who want to play with materials and shapes in their backyard space. They will be able to enhance the ambiance of their outdoor space.

Natural Pool Waterfall

If you’ve got a stunning landscape, you can seamlessly incorporate a natural pool into your outdoor space. This will will simply help to enhance your yard’s beauty. These swimming pools are often built using natural materials, like stone, and do not appear man-made. Some homeowners prefer to have gardens around the natural pool’s edges so they will further match with the outdoor space. Incorporating a waterfall to this pool type will create an amazing ambiance in the backyard.

Furthermore, you can have the waterfalls come out from stacked stones pouring straight into the pool. And apart from enhancing your pool’s aesthetic appeal, it will create an enjoyable spot to splash around too. If you’re looking for something less intense, it’s possible to gradually cascade a pool waterfall down a series of stacked rocks.

Water features have made great strides over time! The possibilities are limitless to build a beautiful, low maintenance water feature. Therefore, enjoy the relaxation, serene plant movement and the appealing sounds of cascading water from the peace and quiet of your own outdoor space in South Florida.

pool waterfall

Pool Waterfall – Conclusion

Incorporating a water feature like a pool waterfall or fountain will increase your pool’s beauty. Talk to the design specialists at Premier Pools & Spas of South Florida to get more ideas about how to add a pool waterfall into your backyard design.

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