When you think of pools and pets, you probably see a furry dog running and jumping into the pool. While there are many dogs that do have a love of swimming, there are other animals that you might not know like to swim. In this article, we are going to look at some other animals that would enjoy your swimming pool.

Pools and Pets – Fun Facts

While you might not find the following animals surfing on surfboards like you might see some dogs doing, these animals do love to get into the water. It’s hot and having water nearby gets these animals swimming.


pets and pools

How awesome would it be to have a built-in snorkel? If you were an elephant, you would have one. These big bodied creatures are able to stay afloat easier than smaller animals because of their mass. They get totally under the water and use their four legs to paddle and swim.


pools and pets

Pigs are more than happy to hop into the water if they don’t have a mud pit to wallow around in.


pets and pools

Hedgehogs like to swim in the water to bath themselves. Their cute little bodies can be kept afloat pretty easily even if they are a little rough and tumble if you get ahold of one.

Gineua Pigs

pets and pools

Gineua pigs love the water and are natural swimmers. They are related to the capybara which you will see hanging out on river banks. If you put your Gineua pig in a pool, they will be more than happy to paddle around. Make sure it is fresh water because they can be picky.


pets and pools

These animals aren’t known to be near water but they sure can swim. The Kharai, which is a breed of camel, has been known to swim almost two miles.


pets and pools

Moose love to swim and are often found in the water in the Summer so they can eat leafy greens that are found there. Dipping into the water also helps them get away from flies and predators and of course, why not have a little fun?

Creating Your Backyard Paradise

While you might not have all of the animals that love to swim at your house, maybe you can invite a few over for some fun pets and pools time. Even if you don’t have any animals that want to come over and swim, when animals love to swim, it is a clear sign that water is relaxing and fun.

If you do have pools and pets needs and pets that you want to swim in your pool, make sure to pay attention to pets and pools safety. There are different features you can add to your pool that make it more pet-friendly. One of the most important things you can do when you have pets that are going to be using the pool is to put steps in that your pet is going to be able to find and use easily. If you need help with your pools and pets project, make sure to give us a call and we will help you so you can have an amazing time with pools and pets.

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