The state of California is in the throws of a serious drought. The situation has many responsible homeowners trying to conserve water. Although there are ways to conserve water inside your home, the greatest use of water, and therefore the greatest opportunity  to save water, occurs outside your walls and in your landscape.

What most people do not realize is that one great way to save water is to build a swimming pool! It sounds counter-intuitive,  but this is because, in the vast majority of backyards, a pool installation replaces an area of the yard that would otherwise be devoted to lawns.  Over the course of a year, lawns use twice as much water as swimming pools do. That’s right your beautiful but thirsty lawn, square foot for square foot, uses double the water that your pool will.  But the water savings do not stop at that. When you build a pool you also install walkways around the pool and patio areas for lounging, sun bathing and outdoor dining. Those areas convert more lawn area to concrete and as you may have guessed, concrete uses no water.

Building a pool in a space occupied with lawn will save water in the first year, even when you account for the initial pool fill. Of course, in the years after the initial fill the savings really start to multiply because the only water your private little reservoir will require is the water lost through evaporation and splashing. Compared to what a lawn would be using that is truly the proverbial “drop in the bucket.” Want to really take your water saving swimming pool and turn the savings up a notch? Cover your Pool with a pool blanket and cut the evaporative loss in at least one half.

Until the drought is over, Premier Pools & Spas in Sacramento will be providing a free pool blanket with every water saving pool purchase. Of course drought or no drought, saving water is a good idea  and a responsible thing to do. If  you can save water and install a beautiful family swimming pool, that is truly a water win and a family win. Why not save water and build a pool? “The Lawn Is Gone, Let Swimming Pool Blue Be Your New Green in 2014!”