Pool designs in Gulfport come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every need. You can choose lap pools for fitness and infinity pools are an architectural statement. Select the designs that reflect your personality and interests. The factors that affect the selection of pool shapes are available space, yard size, budget, sun exposure, architectural style, and additional features you need. Here are some popular pool designs for you.

Geometric Pool Design

pool design options

There are many geometric shapes that you can convert into a stunning pool. Rectangular pools are not only practical but also conventional in their appeal. The classic rectangular form can serve as a source of exercise with its strong and straight lines. The elegant design of custom geometric pools has no limitations. you can choose a zero or vanishing edge pool that highlights the views beyond your property. Also, you can add many extra pool features to this shape.

Round or Oval Pool Designs

The trend of curvilinear pool shapes dates back to 1930s in the backyards of Hollywood’s rising stars. The round-shaped pool frames made from concrete and finished with glossy tiles are the all-time popular pool shapes. They not only deviate from the conventional rectilinear pools but also fit smaller spaces as well.

Kidney-Shaped Pool Designs

If you want a unique look in your backyard, choose kidney-shaped pool designs in Gulfport. it is a popular choice for residential swimming pools. They have a soft retro look that suits a variety of architectural home styles. You can build elaborate structures around this pool shape. Additional accents like colorful plasters, natural coping, glass mosaic tile, and textured finish can add more pizzazz to this design.

Grecian and Roman Pool Designs

If you’re looking for classic pool design, think Roman or Grecian. Both these styles reflect the former elements of ancient architecture in their shape. Grecian pools have an octagonal shape on the corners and Roman-styled pools have rounded edges. These pool designs blend well with homes having Aegean or Tuscan architectural style. When finished with colored glass tiles and travertine coping, they are a fascinating sight to behold.

Freeform Pool Designs

The freeform pools have no definite contours. You can design them in any shape or form that you visualize. Hence, these pool designs in Gulfport are suitable for every type of property. Homes in tropical and natural settings are best suited for freeform pools because it blends seamlessly with their environment. The pool morphs into its ambiance and looks organic with natural landscaping around it. You can further add ambient lighting and custom water features like a waterfall or rock grotto to imitate a secret oasis in your backyard.

Custom-Shaped Pool Designs

Water features

The uniqueness and charm of custom pool designs merge with the unique look of modern homes. You can create a different poolscape that highlights every element of your backyard. Since this design needs the versatility of material, concrete is the favored choice for custom pools. You can accommodate any shape or size in concrete to design your pool, your way.

These are some popular pool designs in Gulfport. You can choose any of them and take help from experienced pool builders to complete the project.

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