Redding swimming pools are fun spots where the whole family gathers in the hot sunny days. Along with providing great ways to improve your health and fitness, pools are also trendy recreational areas. And indulging in water sports will increase your strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Although there are many varieties of games you can play in your pool, here we list the top 10 pool sports.

Rescue Swimming

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This is not a pool sport per se, but it is definitely a good way to increase your strength and build muscle. In your own pool, you can practice the techniques of rescue swimming and learn how to rescue someone who is drowning. All rescuers and lifeguards are trained in these techniques, which you can learn at the comfort of your home. All you need is to learn breaststroke, sidestroke, and freestyle swimming.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is another adventure sport that originates in the cool blue waters. Scuba diving is an underwater sport that is full of complexities. You will need to wear a bodysuit and carry an oxygen tank. If you are a first-time scuba diver, the instructors are going to learn you in a pool anyway. So, why not use your own Redding backyard pool for this?


Snorkeling is a water sport that is not as complex as scuba diving, but a fun one, nonetheless. A popular pool game for kids and teenagers, snorkeling needs you to wear a diver’s mask, a snorkel (tube) and fins. You are not completely underwater, but you submerge part of your head in the water and can look at the bottom.  This leisure activity, which allows you to admire marine life and reefs in a swimming pool.

Water Volleyballpool games

Of the popular water sports, ball games come on top of the list. Since the mid-1980s,  water volleyball has become a favorite for pool owners. Just by adding nets over your backyard oasis, you can enjoy this game with your family and friends.  It has at least two players on two teams who play volleyball while floating in the water.

 Water Basketball

In water basketball, you add the rules of water polo to those of basketball.  There is a poolside or a floating basket into which you try and put the ball in.  Besides providing immense entertainment both to the players and the spectators, water basketball has many health benefits. Your coordination and motor skills improve, it increases your muscle endurance, bone strength, and flexibility.


Many Redding homes have a diving board attached to their pool. Originally known as plunging in the late 19th century UK, this is a fun sport if you have mad acrobat talents. Even if that is not the case, you can enjoy this fun pastime at your home. Whether you have a springboard or a platform, this is one sport that kids and adults can indulge in.

Synchronized Swimming

Similar to diving, synchronized swimming will be more enjoyable if you have amazing flexibility. If you don’t, and you want to improve it, then also this is the right choice for you. Put on some groovy music and gather your friends. Then start dancing to your heart’s content in the water.  Or, if are bold enough, try doing somersaults underwater. The key is to get all the participants to make movements that are in sync.


Match is a pool game where you pass a Waboba (a bouncing ball) from one player to another. This water bouncing ball was invented by Barns Wallace after World War II. And was later perfected by Jan Von Herland in the 1980s. Ever since it was released in 2005, the Waboba and the pool game “match” have become very popular.

Water Polo

Similar to rugby and soccer, you pass the ball to the other players in your team and make a goal. The water polo ball consists of a water-resistant material and has a secure grip so it doesn’t slip in your swimming pool. You can play this sport with many kids divided into teams, a goalkeeper, and someone to keep score.

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics is among the most popular water sports, which needs no introduction. It is a great way of getting some cardiovascular exercise. In addition, when you practice it in your pool, it becomes an intense routine. Many other land exercise or activities made the transition into the water like yoga and Zumba.

If you are thinking of getting the maximum benefits of one or more of these water sports, you first need a pool in your Redding home. If you already have one, make proper additions to incorporate these fun games and enjoy quality time with your family.

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