While steps into your Louisiana pool are efficient and give you enough room for you to swim, the ever-increasing trend of popular tanning ledges offers you additional uses and benefits for you to think about. This feature offers a spacious area of consistent shallow depth to your backyard oasis. Pool owners in SW Louisiana can add a tanning ledge into their backyard pool for a number of reasons.

popular tanning ledges

Here’s why you should consider adding popular tanning ledges in your Louisiana pool.

1. Entertainment for children:

For infants and small kids, a tanning ledge is great for splashing around. It is like having your own kiddie pool along with having a full sized swimming pool. You’ll find that it’s shallow enough that children can relax in the pool water and more secure than the need to watch kids in the larger swimming pool.

2. Color choices:

Popular tanning ledges come in various colors, ensuring they match your SW Louisiana backyard oasis. These features can be tiled as well.

3. Aesthetically appealing:

We offer popular tanning ledges that are stunning additions to your property. With this feature, you can incorporate jets that shoot the pool water up resulting in fountains. You can even have pool water that cascades down into your backyard oasis. You will discover that a tanning ledge will provide your outdoor space with a breathtaking look.

popular tanning ledges

4. Sunbathing:

Premier Pools & Spas of SW Louisville offer pools that have wonderful features such as sufficient seating. The advantage of adding this feature is that it lets have a bigger area, which is a shallow depth. This will allow you to stretch your legs out. You can also pull a lounge chair onto this feature and either lay or sit in the sun. On scorching hot days, it lets you stay cool.

There are benefits to of adding popular tanning ledges in the pool and these include:

  • An area for your furry friend to sit and cool off on a sunny day
  • Offer some optional shading and it will fast become a preferred area for everyone when you equip it with sun-lounges
  • Perfect for the big children as well. Parents can lounge while keeping an eye on the children or for people who like to lounge near the swimming pool without getting totally into the pool.
  • You can incorporate spa jets as well
  • It is great for pool parties for friends and family to gather
  • A spot for the aged in the family to cool off without the struggle of ladders or steps

Popular tanning ledges are easy to customize and can adapt to any swimming pool installation and style. You can further customize tanning ledges by adding:

  • Choosing custom tiles to border your tanning ledge
  • LED lights to light up spillways, fountains, and bubblers

popular tanning ledges

Popular Tanning Ledges – Conclusion

Incorporating popular tanning ledges into the pool design will let you get more use out of your backyard oasis in Louisiana. If you want to see a pool design with a tanning ledge or any other feature you want, in your outdoor space, contact Premier Pools & Spas of SW Louisiana today! Remember other features you can add like built in umbrella anchors, furniture, and bubblers.

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