When you are getting ready to use your Portland pool, you want to make sure you know the truth about sunscreen. If you aren’t using sunscreen properly, you may get sunburn and have serious problems. In this article, we are going to talk more about the truth about sunscreen.

truth about sunscreen

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Truth About Sunscreen and Keeping Safe in the Sun

We all know we are supposed to wear sunscreen. We hear it from the commercials, doctors, health-conscious friends but most of us have no idea why we need to wear it or how to properly use it to keep our skin safe. There is more to it than simply slathering on some sunscreen and hoping for the best. There are many things we think we know that have us misinformed. Let’s look into the truth about sunscreen.

truth about sunscreen

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Sunscreen Truths

You may think that you’re applying enough sunscreen while studies show that most people do not use near enough sunscreen. If you want to get the full SPF that is printed on the bottle, you have to apply about one ounce of sunscreen every time that you apply it. You should also know that sunscreen does not last all day. If you come in contact with anything it is going to rub off your sunscreen. This includes water, your clothes, towels and anyone else. Make sure you are reapplying sunscreen throughout the day so you protect your skin. You need to reapply about every two hours or right after you have swum or sweat a lot.

Another common misconception is that you don’t need sunscreen when it is cloudy. UV rays cut through the clouds and even when it is very cloudy, 40% of UV rays make it to the earth. In fact, if you spend a day outside and it is cloudy so you decide not to wear sunscreen, you could get one of the worst sunburns. You need to put sunscreen everywhere, not only on your face or shoulders. You should even put it under your clothes if you are wearing something that is light-colored or sheer. Keep your skin younger by using sunscreen.

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The Truth about Sunscreen – Take Care of Your Skin With Sunscreen

Even if you have a base tan, you are going to need sunscreen. A base tan does not mean you are safe from a sunburn. A tan is the result of UV radiation that has damaged your skin’s DNA which causes a gene mutation that can lead to skin cancer. Not only is it dangerous but it provides less protection than a white t-shirt and much less than sunscreen. Even if you have dark skin, you need sunscreen since it is not the only factor in your ability to get skin cancer. There are underlying genes that can make you more or less sensitive. No one is immune.

When you are enjoying a beautiful day out in the pool, you want to make sure to protect your skin with sunscreen and never forget it or shrug it off.

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