Whether or not you live in a state where it snows during the colder times of the year, it goes without saying that swimming pools all across the country are used far less during the winter compared to all other seasons. As a result of this, many homeowners (especially those in snowy areas like Portland) often neglect everything about their swimming pool altogether during winter – even their swimming pool maintenance.


While you may not be using your swimming pool as much during the colder months, that does not mean that you should slack off when it comes to pool maintenance. Winter is a harsh season – especially in places like Portland. So, as a result, most swimming pool owners end up closing their swimming pool to protect it from the harsh weather conditions.

However, like everything else, there is a good way to protect your swimming pool and then there is the great way. Here are some of the most important things that you need to know about proper winter swimming pool maintenance – especially if you live somewhere like Portland.

Don’t Forget About Your Plumbing

When homeowners think about maintaining their swimming pool they often end up taking care of only what they plainly see in front of them. This often leaves the plumbing of their swimming pool forgotten – out of sight out of mind.


Once winter rolls around – especially in colder areas like Portland – it is extremely important that homeowners focus on the plumbing of their swimming pool as well.

Excess water should always be removed from your swimming pool’s pipes once winter rolls around and you end up closing your pool. If water is left in these pipes then it will most likely end up becoming frozen.

Since water expands when it is frozen, the freezing of water in these pipes can sometimes cause them to crack. This then leads to costly repairs when you decide to open your swimming pool once more. 

Pool Covers Are A Necessity If You Live In Portland

As said before, numerous swimming pool owners end up closing their swimming pool during the colder months. Using a pool cover is one of the most common methods that swimming pool owners use to protect their swimming pool. Pools covers are extremely convenient because having a durable one can effectively defend your swimming pool from wildlife, debris, and most importantly; snow.

Your pool cover is meant to serve as a protective layer or shield between your swimming pool and the forces that would otherwise damage it. However, this does not mean that you should simply throw on your pool cover and forget about it.


Your pool cover should always be securely fastened to your swimming pool – the importance of this should not be overlooked. An improperly placed or loose pool cover often defeats the purpose of using a pool cover in the first place. Debris (twigs, leaves, etc.) and water can be removed from your pool cover fairly easily. A hose can be used to remove the debris and a vacuum can be used to remove the water. Snow is a bit more detrimental compared to debris and water; it can damage your pool cover due to its weight. A roof rake is a very simple and effective means of removing snow from your pool cover (this works well on fresh snow).

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