If you’re planning to take the plunge in your own New Orleans backyard pool, you first need to decide: inground or above ground? Various factors are going to play into your decision-making process. This will include what suits your home, your family and your budget with regards to Premier above ground pools.

Premier Above Ground Pools

The first question you might want to consider is the budget you intend to spend on the project. An inground pool is often twice the cost. If this is something you have budgeted for, then an inground swimming pool is a perfect choice. In case you have a strict budget, you might want to choose an above ground swimming pool.

Above ground vs. inground?

Inground pools are long lasting

One of the greatest advantages of inground pools is that they are long lasting than above ground types. With an inground pool, you will be sure to have the best relaxation area for years to come.

More design options with inground pools

If you would like more freedom in selecting the shape and size of your swimming pool, inground pools let you be a little more creative when selecting a design. You can realize your backyard paradise dream a bit easier. This is because of the many design options that come with these pools.

Premier Above Ground Pools

It’s faster to install above ground pools

While an inground pool may take weeks to install in your outdoor space, an above ground type takes less time. Premier above ground pools are often temporary additions to your outdoor space. If you intend to move and have to put the house up for sale, you’ll always have the choice to remove the swimming pool from your yard.

Inground pools look more appealing aesthetically since the yard is constructed totally around the swimming pool with big patio spaces and well-manicured gardens. You have never-ending options for depth, sizes and shapes as well. Above ground pools can also look quite wonderful. You can finish with a traditional wooden pool deck, patterned concrete or interlocking patio stones. This will depend on your budget and your outdoor space.

Inground pools


  • Functionality: the choices for customization combined with the longevity of this pool provide you as a homeowner the chance to adapt your inground pool for a range of uses. This is from serious athletic training or therapy to standard fitness and rehabilitation or entertainment.
  • Durability: due to the infrastructure that this pool needs, it is long lasting
  • Style: virtually unlimited range of accessories, styles, sizes and finishes are available. These will help you customize the pool to fit with your personal style as well as the landscape surrounding your property

Premier Above Ground Pools

Premier above Ground Pools – Make a Choice!

Selecting the right swimming pool for your loved ones will come down to considering the regulations, landscape, and budget for the project. When making your decision, the experts here at Premier Pools & Spas of New Orleans are always glad to talk about ways your inground pool project can be customized to suit the needs of your family. Feel free to get in touch with our team today!

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