Should I Get an Infinity Edge?

Meeting high expectations with a Premier Pools and Spas Gulfport swimming pool is easy but taking it one step further with an infinity edge, or vanishing edge, can make a huge difference. Interested in an infinity edge for your pool and spa? Let the experts of the industry help you gain that high end look you’re dying to have. Have your backyard looking like a five star resort in no time!

Premier Pools and Spas Gulfport: Infinity Edge 1

What Exactly is an Infinity Edge?

An infinity edge is supposed to be perceived as just that, an edge that extends for infinity. For the best look for your pool and spa we recommend the edge looks like it continues into another body of water or into the sky. If you have a scenic view an infinity edge is perfect for you! You may be wondering how these vanishing edges work, huh? It starts by creating an illusion, a wall comes to the water level, instead of above it typically, and lets the water flow over the edge. The water that flows over the edge is caught in a basin or trough, then the water is pumped back into the pool (no, the water does not actually go into infinity). This recycling of water, combined with high quality pumps, ensures you’re continuing to be environmentally friendly but not sacrificing looks.

Premier Pools and Spas Gulfport: Infinity Edge 2Where Does the Edge Go?

An infinity edge can be worked into most pool designs. Your Premier Pools and Spas Gulfport pool builder will help determine the best place to work your infinity edge into the design. Generally an infinity edge is built onto a slope, which gives the illusion more gusto. If you’re lacking a slope or have an extremely sharp incline to work with, that’s okay! Your expert pool builder will be able to manage the variables of your backyard to give you have upscale look you’ve always wanted. The infinity edge will be facing towards the most picturesque part of your property, with the overflow basin out of sight in almost all views.

Premier Pools and Spas Gulfport: Infinity Edge 3An Affinity for Infinity?

If you’re thinking of building an infinity edge pool and spa, that’s great! Just know that typically the cost for an infinity pool goes up by 20%, but do not forget the look of your pool will exceed expectations of all friends and family. The price of an infinity edge pool is based off the size of your pool, the finish of your pool, and the size of the infinity edge, basin, and collector tank. With the proper LED lighting and other water features, your pool and spa will have you thinking you’re in a high end resort. We could go on for infinity about infinity edges, but making the decision will be easy with your pool builder. The experts on our team will gently guide you through the decision making process to give your pool the edge it needs to show your uniqueness and fair. Contact Premier Pools and Spas Gulfport today to start building your dream pool and spa!

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