The owners of a one hundred year old ocean pool hired Premier Pools team Maine to simply refurbish the structure and make it structurally sound. Not only did the Premier Pools team accomplish this, but to the surprise of the client, they also managed to turn the structure into a work of art.

An ocean pool is a pool structure that gives its owners their own private piece of the sea. Curved and straight seawalls close off a portion of ocean into a pool without current or undertow to threaten the swimmers. Ocean pools give swimmers the chance to swim safely with a perfect view of the ocean beyond the walls.

The clients own a private, 300,000 gallon ocean pool that was constructed about 100 years ago. The pool has been in the family for generations, and several repairs have been made to try to salvage the poorly built structure. Despite the family’s efforts over the years, nature has been gradually eroding the structure, threatening to dismantle it.

The client contacted Premier Pools and Spas to restore and preserve their cherished ocean pool. What they did not know that the Premier Pools team had more in mind than simply preservation.

Premier Pools & Spas Maine Team at the Ocean Pool Built Site

Premier Pools & Spas Maine Team at the Ocean Pool Built Site

The first part of the solution was to strengthen the curved sea wall, straight sea wall, and reverse radius wall. Since the structure would be exposed to constant corrosive conditions, only the strongest material would do.

Premier Pools team Maine began by installing several tons of epoxy coated steel, the best choice for building structures that are exposed to the elements. Epoxy coated steel is commonly used in steel bridges, parking garages, and marine structures for its durability.

Secondly, the Premier Pools team used over 200 yards of gunite, a specialized type of concrete that combines durability with beauty. Gunite is shipped to the site in its dry, unmixed form. When it is time to create the foundation and walls of the pool, it is blown through a large hose that mixes the dry mix with water only seconds before it hits the air. Because the gunite mix is so fresh, it can be shaped into any form the client or designer wishes. For this project, the Premier Pools team decided to shape the gunite into boulder shapes to match the oceanic theme of pool.

Upon project completion, the curved ocean wall was 100 feet long and 10 feet tall. The reverse radius wall was 36 feet long by 12 feet tall, and the straight sea wall was 70 feet long by 10 feet tall. The client’s 300,000 gallon private ocean is now a testament to the talent of Premier Pools team Maine.

Ocean Pool - Large Residential Pool

Ocean Pool – Large Residential Pool

Project Success
The clients were amazed at the transformation of the ocean pool. Not only do they have an ocean pool that can be enjoyed by the family for another one hundred years, but they now have a natural-looking work of art in their own backyard.

Brian Porter, VP of Sales at Premier Pools and Spas, says, “We have an outstanding level of talent in the Premier family that are setting the design award’s bar high!”
This unprecedented project would have never been approved for construction if it were to be built from scratch in the present day. As such, the client is able to enjoy a truly unique pool with a design that mirrors the commitment and ingenuity that Premier Pools and Spas is known for.