Keeping your pool up to date and ready for winter. A key step in preparing for the winter is keeping your water level at the same level through the cold harsh days. Draining and refilling the water keeps it at a sufficient state. Planning out when you’re going to refill it is also a recommended step, you want to drain it before the temperature drops below freezing.

Keeping your Hot tub covered is also another important factor. An open or torn hot tub cover can cause problems during the cold winter days. You’d be saving money by incorporating a fitted, energy- efficient cover. The only time the cover should be open is when its in use.
Water level is the next key step to preparing your hot tub for the winter. As we know water evaporates, so checking the water level and making sure it doesn’t drop too low is highly advised. If the water in your hot tub stops moving, the heat won’t circulate. That means you have to check in with all the pumps and jets in your hot tub.

Along with the water level, you’ll also want to check the temperature. Especially if you’ll be gone for vacation, you could have a friend or neighbor check the water and temperature. Checking every once and a while can put your mind at ease.

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