Keeping the pool clean is an important part of pool maintenance. It is just logical that the swimming pool filter needs to be clean in order to filter out debris and keep the water inside the swimming pool clean. Pool filter cleaning is not rocket science and you can easily do it by yourself if you have the right equipment and time to clean the swimming pool filter.

Know the Pool Filter Types

The first step in cleaning a swimming pool filter is finding out the type of pool filter installed in the filter system. There are three types of pool filters – cartridge, sand, or diatomaceous earth. The method of cleaning pool filter varies with each type.

How to Clean Cartridge Pool Filter?

How to Properly Clean your Swimming Pool Filter? 1

Things you will need- Garden hose, spray nozzle, filter cleaner, lubricant

After you have got all things you will need, you need to set aside some time for pool filter cleaning. Though cleaning cartridge pool filter is an easy task, the time required depends on how dirty the pool filter is.

  • Switch off the pool pump and the filter system
  • Turn the air relief valve to remove excess air from the system
  • Remove the latching mechanism that holds the filters
  • Remove the top cover of the filter
  • Carefully remove the cartridge and keep it aside
  • Connect a spray nozzle to the garden hose and gently direct water streams between the pleats
  • If the filter is too dirty use filter cleaner to get rid of dirt
  • Rinse the cartridge thoroughly with water
  • Put the cartridge back in its place inside the filter
  • Put back the filter top and close the latching mechanism

How to Clean Sand Pool Filter?

Things you will need – backwash hose and sand filter cleaner. After you have both things required you can go ahead and start the process of cleaning the sand pool filter.

  • Once the waste hose is properly positioned, turn the pump on
  • Run the pump on backwash setting for two minutes
  • Keep an eye on the sight glass. When you see the water flowing through the glass is clean the filter is clean
  • After completing the backwash cycle, turn off the pump.
  • Turn the valve to rinse setting
  • Turn on the pump and let it run on rinse setting for at least 2 minutes
  • After the rinsing cycle is complete, turn off the pump
  • Turn the valve to standard filter setting

How to Clean GE Pool Filter?

Pool Filters

Things you will need for pool filter cleaning- backwash hose, garden hose, safety goggles, chemical resistant gloves

  • Run the pump on backwash setting for 2-3 minutes
  • Turn off the pump
  • Open-air relief valve
  • Remove drain plug
  • Remove the latching mechanism
  • Open the filter tank
  • Remove the filter manifold
  • Take out complete grid assembly
  • Keep the grid assembly in open space and hose down the grid assembly with water
  • Put back the grid assembly in the filter tank
  • Replace the filter lid
  • Tighten the latching mechanism
  • Open the air relief valve and let the excess air out
  • Turn on the pool pump
  • When water starts flowing, close the air relief valve

Thus you can see you don’t have to wait for the professional to turn up to clean your swimming pool filter.

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