As enjoyable as your swimming sessions are, when it is time to clean your Las Vegas pool, it doesn’t seem as much fun. However, putting off regular pool scrubbing can cost you dearly. You would not want to swim in murky, soapy water, do you? So, let us go through the basic pool cleaning routine for your pool, which can help keep it sparkling clean.

Need for Pool Cleaning

You add chlorine, bromine, and other sanitizers to your pool to keep the water clean. Then you might be wondering if there is a need for pool cleaning. Well, an analogy seems right here – shampoo and soap are cleaning agents for your body, but they can’t clean your bathtub.

Likewise, sanitizing chemicals clean the water clean, but not the pool walls, floor, deck, and surroundings. They have to be thoroughly scrubbed, brushed, and rinsed. Similarly, they can’t keep bugs, leaves, dirt, and grime entering the water. Hence, regularly cleaning your pool is necessary.

Skim Your Pool

pool cleaning tips

A good skimmer net can catch all the unwanted particles like hair ties, twigs, dead bugs, and leaves from your pool. This keeps them sinking to the bottom. Skimming regularly, at least once a week, makes vacuuming easier.

Brush Your Pool

pool cleaningAttach your pool brush to a telescopic pole and scrub the pool at least twice a week. Remove all the dirt and algae deposited on the pool floors and walls. This way, you push the algae into the water, where the sanitizing chemicals can kill it.

The brush type you choose depends on your pool surface material. For unpainted concrete, use nylon and stainless steel bristles. For gunite, use stainless steel bristles and for fiberglass, painted concrete or vinyl, use nylon bristles only. But for serious algae problems, brushing is not enough; you need to follow more drastic pool cleaning steps.

Vacuum Your Pool

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Vacuum your Las Vegas pool every other day to keep it clean. However, manual vacuuming is a tedious process, especially if you try to clean up after a big thunderstorm. For this reason, purchasing automatic or robotic pool cleaners is a significant investment.

Additional Pool Cleaning

It is not only the pool interiors that need cleaning, but you must also focus on the pool deck and surroundings. Otherwise, dirt, leaves, and debris enter the pool water.

Removing dirt particles from the pool deck by spraying or sweeping might be sufficient in most times. But, they could be hosting a wide range of bacteria and algae. Hence, you must disinfect the pool deck to remove invisible contaminants.

The surface could also get slippery, making the pool deck dirty and dangerous, as well. However, hand-brushing a large deck drains all your energy. So, opt for pressure washing or use your garden hose with a high-pressure nozzle.

Don’t Forget the Pool Filter

Irrespective of how much care you take in cleaning the pool, water, and the surroundings, if your pool filter is not clean, then the water gets dirty in no time.

Keep all these things in mind when cleaning your swimming pool.

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