The best way to take advantage of your swimming pool during day or night is to install colorful pool lighting. It allows you to swim whenever you wish to. Also, you can create a resort-like appearance in your backyard by installing soothing lights around the pool and landscaping. Most importantly, it makes your pool area safe for swimming at any time of the night. There are many options when it comes to pool lights. Here’s how you can properly light up your swimming pool in Tucson.

benefits of pool lighting

Choose Your Lighting

There are many practical and colorful options when it comes to pool lights. You can try halogen lights that are installed above ground and are extremely affordable. They can light up your entire pool area with their brightness. However, halogen lights are not energy-efficient and they have limited color options.

On the contrary, LED lights are the best suited for lighting up your pool. It is a popular lighting option that has lots of colors, durability, brightness, and impressive energy efficiency. In fact, they use nearly 80% lesser energy than any other type of lights.

Fiber optic lights are also a viable choice to enhance the beauty of your pool. They are simple and safe to use but lack the durability and cost advantage of LED pool lighting.

Light up the Deck

If you have a lot of activity around your pool, deck lighting is imperative. Inground lights can be the best option to light up the pathways and the deck of your pool. Even if you have a concrete deck, you can install the fixtures into it for illuminating the surrounding area.

Light Up the Water Features

If your pool has a beautiful feature like a waterfall, you can highlight it with proper lighting. Add a light underneath the waterfall so it dances off the pool surface. You can also install wash lights near the pool edge or on a nearby tree to create flooding light effect.

Light Up the Landscaping

To create a serene retreat in your backyard, you need landscape lighting as well. Surround your pool with well-lit and lush landscaping. It can work wonders to create an enigmatic ambiance in your backyard. You can soft lights to the trees or use high-end Tiki torches for their festive flames. You can use assorted heights and surfaces to transform the atmosphere with the right lighting options. If you have mature trees in your yard, add 2-3 fixtures to light it up artistically.

pool lighting

Light Up the Structures

Do you have a pergola or an outdoor kitchen beside your pool? You should install lighting to illuminate these structures as well. When lit up in the night, pergolas or patios create the perfect atmosphere for hosting your poolside parties and dinners. You can also use trendy bistro lighting to add a festive mood to the structures. For outdoor kitchens, you need a host of lighting options ranging from countertop lighting to moonlighting.

These are some ways to illuminate your pool and surrounding areas with proper pool lighting. Take help from a Tucson pool company for the installation of lighting in your backyard.

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