Having an inground pool in Dallas can be extremely helpful on those scorching summer days. If you aren’t sure how to properly open your Dallas inground pool, you may be stressing a bit when the season is about to come around. In this article, we are going to give you the information you need to feel like a pro when it comes to opening your inground pool.

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Inground Pool – Getting Started

Now that you are getting ready to open your inground pool, the first thing you need to do is make sure that all water and debris is off of your pool cover. If your pool cover has debris and water on it when you try to take it off, this is going to cause a lot of complications for you.

When you are removing any debris from your pool cover, make sure you are not using anything that could rip or tear your cover. You can use a pool cover pump to get the water off of your cover and then let it dry and just blow off any little debris that you might have on it if you want to make things easier for yourself and then it will be time to remove the cover and make sure to clean and store it properly.

Check your pool and make sure that all of the winter plugs are removed from openings in your inground pool. This means return jets and step jets as well. You then need to replace your return lines with proper jet or eyeball fittings. After that, it is time to remove ice compensators from your skimmer buckets as well as removing winter plugs from the bottom. After that has been done it is time to replace the skimmer baskets.

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It’s time to reinstall your deck equipment and fill up your pool! How exciting to get things going for another season. Setting up your filter and pump is a part of the up and running process so go ahead and get that done and turned on.

Now it is time to get your beauty of a pool cleaned up and ready for use. Make sure that you get any debris that may be in your pool out of the pool. You should also make sure that you use a pool brush to get anything that is sticking on the sides and bottom of your pool.

Now it is time to shock your pool and put all of the chemicals into the water. Once you are finished doing that, you need to let the pool run for 24 hours and check it again to see how the water is doing.

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Enjoying Your Inground Pool

Now that the swimming season is upon us, it is time for you to enjoy your inground pool. Having a pool is a great time just waiting to happen with pool parties and relaxing times near the water. You can create the environment that you want with your own beautiful inground pool.

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