Natural swimming pools became popular in Europe a few decades back. They have been gaining popularity in Australia, the United States, and other tropical regions as well. Traditional swimming pools are rectangular and filled with chlorine. By contrast, a natural swimming pool is designed to look like a pond. In other words, they have boulders, waterfalls, rocks, and irregular shapes.

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Most of the artificial swimming pools are filtered by chemicals. On the other hand, natural swimming pools are cleaned organically using plants or a combo of plants and sand filters.

Typically, a regeneration zone (another pool) is built close to the actual pool. The water enters the pool through a gravel filter or wetlands of plants. This is how the water of a natural swimming pool is cleaned.

This process is just like the process that involves aquatic plants to clean natural ponds. The water cleaned by this process is as clean as the water treated with chemicals. The ecosystem built by these two pools goes through changes with time. Often, it attracts a lot of insects and animals to the zone. However, they can’t thrive in the pool due to the lack of a suitable environment.

Natural swimming pools are getting popularity in the United States. Let’s take a look at some pros of building a natural swimming pool in your backyard.

natural swimming pools Pros of Natural swimming pools

While there are a lot of pros to owning a natural swimming pool, we are going to take a look at 4 of the major pros below.

They are adaptable

Natural pools are more adaptable. Generally, this type of pond has brown water with mud at the bottom, but you can also fill your pond with concrete, especially if you prefer a pond that looks like a traditional pool.

You can also put the gravel filter underground. Alternatively, you can design your pool like the natural swimming pools you can see in the woods. They feature rocks and boulders. Unlike a traditional pool, these pools offer more flexibility.

These Pools Work well in all types of climates

Regardless of the type of climate, natural swimming pools work well. Actually, these pools benefit from two types of biological filters for cleaning water. As said earlier, the water goes through a plan or gravel filter. And gravel filters work a lot better in tropical climates. Based on where you live, you can choose the right filtration system.

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They are eco-friendly

Natural swimming pools are good for the environment. They don’t use harsh chemicals, like the traditional swimming pools do. These harsh chemicals can be bad for the environment.

They have a Low Maintenance Cost

Unlike a conventional pool, a natural pool doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Once the construction is completed, you don’t have to spend that much on the annual maintenance. In other words, you don’t need to spend on pH balancing, chemical filtration, chlorine or other substances to clean your pool. So, you can save a lot of money.

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