Long Island is a beautiful place to build a swimming pool and just like any other pool, pump maintenance is necessary. Pool pump maintenance can be tricky, but there are multiple ways to save money or cut costs with the right pump.

Dallas Weekly Pool ServicePump Maintenance Needs

If you are new to pool ownership you will need to know how to clean the pump basket and how to clean the skimmer basket. These are the main things you need to know with pump maintenance. Many home/pool owners are handing over the pool maintenance tasks to the professional pool service companies. These companies are capable of basic pool maintenance as well as repairs, upgrades and installations.

Skimmer Basket Cleaning

Turn off your pool, remove the skimmer lid and make sure to remove the skimmer basket and empty it out. Put the basket back into the skimmer with the lid on and turn the system back on. Easy!


Dallas residential pool servicePump Basket Cleaning

Both your now clean pool pump and your pool heater need to be off. If the heater was recently operating you want to wait at least 5-10 minutes for the heater to cool down before you turn off the pool pump. Close your skimmer and the main drain valves.

If your pool pump is below the water level make sure you turn the filter valve to the closed option and remove your pump lid. You can easily use your garden hose to wash the basket. Make sure you check that your basket is not brittle or it will easily break. It’s easier to clean the basket if you just let the contents dry and then dump it in the trash. Keep a spare basket on hand so you can switch it out while the other one is drying.

If the pump basket is damaged just go ahead and replace it. If it is all good to go, go ahead and re-install your pump basket. Some baskets will twist-lock in place but make sure that you don’t over-tighten the basket trying to make it lock. Check the filter vow to ensure it is in the “filter” position.

Open the main drain valve all of the way as well as the air relief valve on the pool filter and turn the pool pump on. Once the pump has caught a prime you can open the remaining skimmer valves but make sure to do it one at a time.

Once you see a steady stream of water out of the air relief valve you can close the valve. Turn your pool cleaner pump and heather back on and you’re back in business.

Pump Maintenance for Your Long Island Swimming Pool 2Premier Pool Service


As easy as that sounds to complete, there are bumps that could turn up during the maintenance process. For instance, if you need to replace a part or a part breaks during the cleaning process, you have to wait for the new part to arrive. Which means your pool pump is off for a long period of time the filter won’t be running and this is the procedure that the pool needs to stay clean.

In the end it is better to hire a professional to clean your swimming pool. It takes the weight off your shoulders when know a professional is working on your pool. It also frees up your schedule; therefore, you have free time to do whatever you’d like.

Hire Premier Pool Service today for any service needs you might have. We offer multiple service packages for maintenance, as well as upgrades, repairs and installations.

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