If you are asking yourself what time of year is perfect for installing  a new swimming pool, many professionals would suggest, fall. The idea would be to wait until its offseason when you can potentially get better rates on labor and materials from builders. It is difficult to argue with that logic, although every season does provide pros and cons with regards to installation. Below are short notes of 4 different seasons:



Early-to mid-summer is usually the worst time for you to install a new pool. Rates are still high, excellent installers still have lots of work, and you do not even get the entire summer to enjoy your new swimming pool. Actually, constructing one might put a constraint on your fun during summer time.

When you are dealing with contractors, it can be time-consuming, and as soon as building starts, your backyard might be out of use the moment you need to use it the most. In light of that, late summer can be a great time for you to start getting in touch with the builders, who might be willing to prolong their busy season and keep their staff working.


When the weather begins to heat up, so do pool sales. You heard that right; spring is the time when most property owners finally act on long-term plans to install, whether it is above ground or inground. A spring pool installation means you will have full use out of your new swimming pool all through the summer. Unfortunately, with high demand, it is difficult to come across great deals at this time of year. Well-known builders might already be seeing their work schedules clog up with new projects, and the suppliers have a small bonus to reduce prices on materials.



If you are seeking to make the most of your negotiating leverage with the contractors, winter may be the time for you to strike. But there are some factors that may frustrate your plans.

-First, the climate in most areas can make winter swimming pool installation hard or unachievable.

-Second, some contractors go into hibernation at this time of year, closing down operations until demand increases in spring.

– And thirdly, at the beginning of the year is the time price adjustments usually take effect for all types of materials, and costs hardly ever drop.


The major disadvantage of fall pool installation is obvious: You will not get to use your new pool until spring (unless, obviously, you happen to reside in a place, which has temperatures that are warm year-round). In most other ways, a fall pool installation makes lots of sense. The builders are not as busy and might feel pressure to maintain their bids as low as possible.

You can make most of the closeout sales on equipment and material. And, pricing aside, it provides you the rest of fall and the following spring to focus your attention on your landscaping before you open the swimming pool.


Is timing really everything when purchasing a pool?

The point is, there are real seasonal differences with regards to installation. If you are taking your time in planning your new swimming pool, then there is no reason to rush through installation. You can decide on the season, which provides the best savings and fits your schedule.

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