If you are considering an in-ground swimming pool in Fresno, there are many decisions to make. Selecting a reputable Fresno pool contractor is the most important. To build a pool of your dreams, make sure that you hire the right contractor. Stay aware of cautionary stories about local contractors. With a few right questions, you can make the most of your decision. Here are the questions that you should ask before signing a contract:

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Do You Have the Right Insurance and Licenses?

Building a pool is a complex procedure. Right from digging the pool to its finishing, there are some conditions that may lead to accidents. If you work with an uninsured builder, you may be liable to face the consequences of any mishap taking place on your site. To avoid such dreadful circumstances, prefer working with a company that comes with proper insurance and licenses.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

Experience matters a lot in a challenging industry like pool building. The company must be capable of handling the project of any scope. In fact, it should have ample experience and expertise to make your pool function and look exactly as intended. Since a swimming pool is a big investment, you can’t entrust this job on an inexperienced contractor.

Without proper exposure, a contractor can hardly manage the intricacies of the process. As a result, your project will be a failure and you’ll have to look for another company to get it completed.

Questions You Should Ask Your Fresno Pool Contractor Before Building a Pool 1

What References Can You Provide?

If you find it hard to know more about a Fresno pool contractor, you may ask for references. Pool builders have a complete database of their previous clientele to share with you. Ask the company to give you a list of 20-30 references. Out of these, you can speak to a few people and delve deeper about the company. It gives a fair idea about the outcome of your project and ability of the contractor to work on it.

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Can You Show the Images from Past Projects?

There is no harm in asking about the images of past work from a pool builder. In fact, the builder’s representatives must bring some photos during the initial consultation. It offers a better review of the projects completed by the company. Also, you get a proper idea as to outcome of your own pool.

Do You Offer Warranties?

Warranty is the way to protect your pool investment over time. In case if the contractor commits a mistake in construction, a warranty is your tool to prevent losses. Hence, you must prefer working with a company that provides warranties covering the issues and errors that may arise soon after the completion of your project.

How Long Will It Take to Complete the Pool?

Right from the beginning of your project, it pays if you have a fair idea of turnaround time. Ask the builder about time they will take for completion of the project. When you have expectations set from the start, there are lesser issues down the line.

Before signing a contract, ask these questions from a Fresno pool contractor to get the best for your pool investment.

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