Thinking of building a backyard pool in your Long Island backyard? Have you consulted any with any potential pool builders yet? We, at Premier Pools & Spas of Long Island are here to help you during your pool building process. It is important to that you don’t sign any contracts before you research your builders. You should also know who you’re bringing into your outdoor space and why you hired them. We strongly suggest meeting with a few service providers and doing your research before you make your decision.

Pool Builders

One of the biggest decisions a homeowner makes is investing in a swimming pool! We, at Premier Pools & Spas recommend you to do your due diligence, be sure to ask questions and relax knowing you’ve chosen the best company.

Here’s a recommended list to help you begin the process of choosing the right pool builders for your project.

  • You can clearly see the quality of their projects by asking for a swimming pool tour of a previous work they have finished.
  • Visit the Showrooms or Offices of the pool builders. It will help a lot if you drive to the office of the Pool Buildersdifferent pool builders and have a word with the staff. Ask yourself, am I getting a great feeling from them? Do they look experienced and serious in taking up the project? Keep in mind, if an issue or problem comes up, they’ll be the people who you will be dealing with to fix that issue.
  • It’s important to ask for references as well. Contact those references and inquire further about their building process and quality of work.
  • Ask each contractor how many pools have they constructed? How many years have they been in operation? What their expertise level is?
  • Visit their website and check out their gallery of finished projects.
  • Do the pool builders provide a warranty on their work?
  • Do they have insurance?
  • Ask what’s the estimated time frame to construct your project from start to finish?
  • Read the companies’ Yelp reviews! Find out what previous customers of the potential pool builders have to say.
  • Are they licensed?

When you search for pool building companies, make sure you research as much as possible. Your backyard space is an extension of your property, and it should get the right contractor to complete your outdoor space and turn it into a stunning outdoor area. You want your pool to be installed by professional pool builders. Here at Premier Pools & Spas, we want your pool building process to be what you’ve always wanted. We have constructed over 60, 000 custom pools since 1988.

Pool Builders

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call us! We’re a leader in the industry and an excellent source of expertise and helping you matters to us. We know how your backyard space offers a beautiful outdoor living get together space for your friends and family. We, at Premier Pools & Spas of Long Island understand also that it offers a convenient area to exercise. And most importantly, we fully understand that it offers the perfect space ever to make memorable, life-long reminiscences with your family. Building a pool and spa needs to be a simple process for you, to help you enjoy the numerous benefits of a pool in your own home.

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