Transform a lazy summer day in the swimming pool into a high-intensity, calorie-burning exercise. Apart from increasing endurance and offering resistance, the much of your weight will be supported by the water, which reduces pressure on the joints and body. Workout routine  in the swimming pool will also help joint mobility and balance.

Next time you go swimming in your pool, try out one of these quick workout routines:

 The flutter kick

Holding on to the edge of a noodle, the pool, or a paddle board; kick your legs quickly behind you.

While splashing is enjoyable, you will get the best exercise if you keep your legs under water and concentrate on moving them quicker, not higher.

Cross knees to elbows

While in a standing position, bring one of your elbows down across the body to meet your opposite knee, making sure you are holding your core tight and then switch sides. Get the most out of the swimming pool and try this move by going to the deep end of your pool and just bouncing gently off your toe between each repetition.

When you isolate the move them on one side it will burn out your oblique muscles quicker.

Noodle bicycle

Ride your pool noodle similar to a bike by pedaling your legs to thrust you forward across the swimming pool. You will first feel the burn in your legs, but the cardiovascular catches up with you speedily.

Cross country skiing

You need to jump your legs back and forth while moving your arms in opposite direction. It gets harder the deeper you go.

It is similar to using a Nordic Track but without the danger of both feet sliding forward.

Noodle plank

While holding the noodle in front of you, press down until you are in a plank posture with your body in a straight line and your toes on the bottom of the pool.

This move’s much easier compared to the land version because the water is assisting in supporting your weight, so that implies you can hold it for a longer time.

Noodle flyback

Ride your swimming pool noodle like a bike; however, this time you can use your arms to do sweeping back and forth movements to move you backward across the swimming pool. You will feel the effect through your abs, shoulders, chest, and even upper back.

If it is straining your arms, feel free to bicycle your legs also.

Workout routine in the pool has two benefits, both for fun and fitness. What are you waiting for?  Call Premier Pools and Spas today!