Raised spas with flagstone can be uniquely shaped, in the same way, your pool can. There’s on limitation to the different elevations, shapes, and styles. If you have a raised spa, you can just incorporate a spillway. It will help to circulate the spa’s water as well as incorporating a water feature to your pool. You can also add value to your home by adding an inground spa.

raised spas with flagstone

Here are some raised spas with flagstone you can consider in your Redding backyard.

Tear drop raised spa:

This type of spa has a height of 18-inches with tile on the waterline on the inside and also on the outside. To complement the tile, the spillway features a piece of flagstone. In addition, to accommodate shorter and taller people, the benches on the inside are set up at two different levels. There’s also a step to permit access into the spa a lot easier. For added appeal, you can add tile on the benches.

Round spa with glass tile:

The decks of this spa are elevated on both sides with a set of steps to allow you to access the spa easily. The spillway is about has a width of 4 feet and built using smooth flagstone. This is to provide the waterfall with a sheer descent appearance. The spa’s walls have a finishing of a 1-inch glass tile, which provides it with a very elegant and unique style. The cap features a round bull-nose cantilever created from concrete.

raised spas with flagstone

Raised spa with flagstone cap:

A raised spa with flagstone cap is a more traditional square spa. By elevating a spa, it will also accommodate for some great seating for those who wish to socialize with the spa crowd and not get wet. The finishing of the spa’s face is a pool friendly stacked stone together with a complementing flagstone cap. You should be careful when choosing stones around the pool since they might have iron in them and obviously, water and iron do not mix.

Raised spas:

Raised spas with flagstone will easily transform the project away from a flat dull pool. Based on how high you elevate them, they are able to make for great seating space. In addition, when you place them on your pool’s backside will create a stunning water feature from the spillover back into your backyard pool.

Not only do we construct new inground swimming pools of all sizes and shapes at Premier Pools & Spas, but we also provide various customizable choices. This will range from slides for the children, rock work, grottos, coping, spas, and even waterfalls. Our major aim is to always have what the client requires.

raised spas with flagstone

Raised Spas with Flagstone – Conclusion

It is a huge decision for homeowners in Redding, CA, trying to determine if a spa is good for them. Here at Premier Pools & Spas of Redding, we would be glad to talk about any further questions that you may have about constructing your pool and spa. Start living the dream today and contact Premier Pools, your Redding pool builders!

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