Do you swim only in daylight hours? If yes, you are surely missing out the fun to swim in the night. It is an awesome feeling to swim in the dark, but only if there is light-emitting diode or LED pool light bulb. Having one illuminates the poolscape and will brighten up your swimming experience during the night.

Upgrading to LED lights also offers you many benefits. It not only saves you bucks, but also is easy to install and fun to use. These LED lights are available in varieties of color options and let you enjoy swimming even after sun is gone.

Working of LED Pool Lights

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Not all LED bulbs are designed the same way. But no matter which one you pick, LED bulbs will save you lots of money. These are energy-efficient sources of light that gives you high aesthetics and easy control options, which traditional lighting system does not offer.

The amount of energy bulbs use to produce light is known as wattage. An incandescent bulb of 100 watts utilizes electricity flowing within the filament to generate light. It consumes 100 watts of energy for one hour. If you are using a bulb of less wattage, you are therefore providing dimmer light to your pool.

LED pool lights bring a great solution to this problem. LED bulbs don’t have filament and deliver little, light-throwing semiconductors. They pass the electrical current through a microchip that illuminates LED. These bulbs come with built-in heat sinks that keep them cool and at the same time enhance their service life and brightness.

So, if you are buying a LED pool light bulb, you don’t have to focus on consumption of wattage. Rather, your focus must be on how much light the bulb actually provides.

Bulbs produce visible light, which is measured in ‘lumens.’ These lumens generated by the light source are roughly equal to the familiar standards of conventional incandescent lamps. Hence, a 100-wtt light bulb releases around 1,400-1,750 lumens. In comparison to this, a smaller 40-warr bulb produces just 450 lumens.

Alternatively, an LED light bulb throwing the same 1,400-1,750 lumens while consuming less watts of around 14-20. This way, LED light bulbs consume fewer watts and still release more lumens.

Less Heat and Energy

LED lights use lesser wattage. For this reason, they use only a fraction of power as compared to the traditional incandescent bulb.

Lower energy consumption means producing the same brightness without generating too much heat. This also means that the LED light bulb lasts longer and hence less maintenance.

Varieties of Color Options

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Incandescent lights give a yellowish look, LED light bulbs offer great color options. These lights can be paired with customized color schemes in a few taps. They come in various colors and can add rich colors to your pool.

With various color options in LED pool light bulb, you can set the perfect party mood, décor for Christmas, and even plan a casual get together. Hence, install the best LED lights in your pool as with such lights you don’t have to limit the colorful adventures.

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