Recessed Seating, Simply Gorgeous or Also Functional?

Sometimes you want to be part of the fun but you also want to stay dry! Giving those who want to stay dry (but social) an option is always a nice idea when designing your backyard oasis. This unique pool features a recessed seating area “inside” the pool so everyone can enjoy the pool together. There are things you have to consider when installing a recessed seating area and that is the entry point. You can either choose some stepping stones concealed by the pool or a bridge to make the setting even more amazing. Also, pillows are a must have for these areas so that you can completely relax all day long. Check out this entry using stepping stones:


Design by Pool Builders Inc.; photo courtesy of Digital Wave Productions

We’re not really sure how patrons step on into these recessed areas but that simply adds to the beauty and illusion! Recessed seating pits are great for sunbathing, day time conversations or nights filled with star gazing and s’mores.


Photo Courtesy of

Does my Recessed Seating Area have to be IN my pool?

Not at all! Check out these amazing recessed seating areas built into their backyard plans.

3-Outdoor-conversation-fire-pit-665x487Photo Courtesy of

A recessed seating square in the middle of theire backyard includes a fire pit, making it a dramatic focal point.

What if I want to add Recessed Seating to my pool?

Just because you already have a pool, it doesn’t mean you can’t add a recessed seating area to your pool. In fact, you may add any number of impressive new features onto your family’s staycation destination! Is your pool feeling old, outdated or simply not the dream design you want any longer? If you’re staring at recessed seating areas in modern pools on Pinterest daily, it may be time to consider a remodel! We are not saying that every pool needs a recessed seating area but swimming pool restoration and renovation can include items such as installing custom lighting, waterfalls, spas, custom rock features, and so much more. Giving your pool a face lift can mean the difference between a bland outdoor play place and your own private resort. If you have a favorite resort pool from your family’s recent vacation, we can help you relive that dream! Nothing is out of the question. With over 25 years of pool building expertise, we have the knowledge and skills needed to transform what you envision into your ideal backyard.

If you’re considering renovating or remodeling your swimming pool, you’ve come to the right place. We are extremely proud of our celebrated Remodel Division, winner of the International Award of Excellence by the NSPI (National Spa and Pool Institute) for Swimming Pool Remodel/Renovation. Although we have been honored to be given multiple industry awards and accolades, it is the relationships with our customers that mean the most to us and validates what we do every day. We look forward to having you as part of our growing Premier Family. Check out our brochure to start dreaming today!

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