Record Breaking Heat

There is extreme heat spreading through southern California and south as far as Texas. Potential for record breaking heat in many counties, raising 10-20 degrees throughout the weekend and the beginning of the week. The heat should die down a little bit towards the end of the week. Everyone should be careful and keep an eye on the temperature, also make sure you keep hydrated! The heat should die down 5-10 degrees within the next week.

Appliance companies recommend that you result to little electricity use as possible, to refrain from a power outage. Keeping your thermostats to 78 degrees or higher and to turn off all unnecessary lights you might have on in your record breaking heat maphome. Along with the peak of the heat, try to avoid using any major appliances after 9 pm.

Some places along the south side of California that has broken their heat record is San Diego breaking their record by 2 degrees from 116 to 118. Palm Desert broke their record by 3 degrees from 118 to 121. Across the country in Pensacola they have been at a steady 102, their record is 106 in 1980. Temecula went from 103 degrees to 110 in the past week. Over in Austin, Texas their heat went from 107 to 112 and Houston with 109.

Ways to Beat the Heat

During the summer it’s the time to take off those pool covers and find your swimsuits because with the heat out there you gotta stay cool: and what’s cooler than going into your backyard and swimming. You can host little get together among your friends and have a pool party, play a ton of pool games and even have a bbq. It’s the best being able to go out and swim in your own pool.

If you don’t own a pool, there are other ways to have fun in the sun. Local community pools are always an idea, take your kids out and go to your neighborhoods water park, although nothing beats having your own pool to swim in.


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